Welcome to SimSaraBim!

Sul sul!

Thanks for visiting SimSaraBim – my brand new Sims blog about Bimlico and its simmies!

Go check out my town, called Bimlico! Maybe you’d like a cup of coffee at The Daily Cup? Or maybe The Beer Garden is more your kind of place? Have you ever wondered how a neighbourhood consisting of all of LemonJelly‘s houses would look like? Then go check out Lemontown!


Go meet my simmies! Perhaps you’ll fall for the charming Day-twins? Find out what Shannon has gotten herself into, or go visit Eric and Willa, who just spent a few days at the Dance Festival in Sandy Valley!


There’s a lot of pages for you to explore, but there will be plenty more to come, so I hope you stick around, and follow the development of Bimlico and the lives of my simmies!


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9 comments on “Welcome to SimSaraBim!
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    So happy, so happy, so HAPPY!! SimSaraBim is finally here! I posted a longer comment on your about page, but I’m just SOOOO happy! :confetti2: :confetti2: :confetti2:

  2. Sandy says:

    Aaah, geez, I’ve spent two hours in Simbico, and I still haven’t commented on that page yet!
    Your site is beyond lovely! I’m so happy too! :girldance: :girldance:
    It was LONG! :chuckle: But it was worth! ;) :friends:

  3. Laurabcn says:

    Oh my gosh! Since when has this been here!? Why haven’t I been informed?! :P
    Anyways… I have just entered this web, not even read anything yet, but it’s TOO AWESOME. I mean, you even havee all those smilies I miss so much from the forum! :heartpump: Like if you weren’t going to get enough spam from me without them.
    I already suscribed! (Though I had a bit of trouble finding the option, but must be only me… :blush: )

    Party, party! :cork: :confetti2: So yeah, a bit of late for an inaguration party, but… :pardon:

    • Sara says:

      Aaaawww, Laura, thank you so much :friends: You are so definitely NOT late to the party! It’s ongoing, yeah! :clap: :cork:

      (It’s great feedback to know that the subscription option was difficult to find – it’s feedback like that which will improve the site :thumbs: )

  4. Sophie/Bilge says:

    Hey, Sara! :wave: It’s me, Bilge. (Sophie from Sandy’s comments, remember me? My sim-self visited Sandy Valley together with your lovely sims; Eric and Willa.)

    Congratulations on opening your new sims blog! :cork: It looks so bright and energetic, it’s easy to use and the colors you choose are lovely! It kind of reflects your personality, I think! You and your boyfriend did a great job on it!

    I’ve already roamed around in your beautiful city and fell in love with it! :heart: Your simmies also are beautiful; I’ll read their bios thoroughly when I get some free time.

    Be sure that I’ll be one of your followers and get ready to see comments from me here and there.

    Take care, I’ll keep checking for your updates! Hugs and love! :hugs:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Bilge!! Of course I know you! I follow you on Tumblr as well ;)

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I am happy you like this place here and I have passed along the compliment to my dear boyfriend.

      I hope you enjoy “meeting” all my sims – they’d sure love to meet you ( :heybaby: ).

      :hugs: from me to you!

  5. Sandy says:

    Can I :cork: for having Bilge here? :flirty: I’ll share! :cheers:

  6. apples252 says:

    Bimblico is stunning-all of the districts are eye-catching!I like how each district has its own design; each gives an idea of the sims that live there.I definitely have a few more areas to check out, but I definitely can’t wait to see more of Bimblico and read about your simmies :D

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