The countryside expands!

Time for an update! :clap:

I have been taking a break from building Bimlico’s university and the two canal areas, since I suddenly felt like building something completely different! So I took a trip to the countryside :)

What usually happens then is I start building one lot, but then I get so many new ideas that I end up building several new lots! :chuckle: I built the shell for Ava‘s house such a long time ago, but I never really found the perfect spot for it. Well, I did now, and as a consequence the Hippie Village was born! Go take a look!!


There’s already many lots to visit, although they are pretty small :giggle: You can check out Ava’s home! Or Santi Garden!

And with these new lots came new simmies! I plan on having these just as Ava’s neighbours, so I won’t play them, but I think they will be fun to meet around Bimlico :) So far, you can meet the grumpy Mr. Holloway and the crazy Carmela Rossi! Neighbours, but perhaps not the best of friends. :giggle:

As a little bonus update, I added a little Sims 2 background story for the Woods Family!

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8 comments on “The countryside expands!
  1. Laurabcn says:

    Like if you hadn’t already set up a pantload of pages to read, and you start adding even more!(I’m not ever going to catch up, and less if I keep finding things that were clickable are along and I hadn’t seen…) :P That hippie village looks great, and I’m off to check everything out right now! :heart: I have to decide yet if I’m leaving as a superhero or as a train. :superman: :chugga:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    And by the way it was supposed to be “all along”. Proof I shouldn’t write anything when I am tired! :pardon:

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhhh, this looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to explore the area!!! :heart:

  4. Sophie says:

    Lovely! I’m going to explore right away! :yahoo:

  5. ani_ says:

    The last time I was here I managed to catch up and now I’m so behind, love your hood and your sims, so amazing. And it was really nice seeing the TS2 originals :)

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