Lot tour + a non-story!


New lot tours in the Downtown area

Finally, the Skyborough Community Lot is open for visits!

There’s the Lemon-Lite Bistro where the Wang-Lewis spent a lovely evening. Or what about paying a visit to Andrew’s lavish flower shop? There are more buildings to visit! Find them all on the Skyborough Community Lot page :)

Story: Summer in the Sleepy Town


It’s also time for me to present you with SimSaraBim’s first “non-story” :confetti2:

The story is called “Summer in the Sleepy Town“, because Bimlico is still pretty empty sim-wise. I still have a lot of homes to furnish, so for now, I imagine everyone’s away on holidays :lol: It’s pretty similar to how it is where I am right now; house sitting at my parents’, and this small town has turned extremely quiet!

We’re basically just following a few sims around town as they chill out :giggle:

Go on and read Part 1! I have to warn you, it’s pretty picture-heavy :blush:

Updated bios

There’s still a few sims that don’t have bios and pictures, but for now, I updated the Hayes Family (2)  :)

There’s also a new family in town, the Harrisons! Ethan Harrison has moved to Bimlico to run a gallery. He brought with him his three children, Malcolm (19), Miles (17) and Marcie (15). (Okay, I have a stupid habit of naming my sim-kids with the same initial letter :facepalm: ). You will meet some of them briefly in the non-story :) Ethan’s sister is Mia Day, which means that Seth and Silas have gained three cousins!!

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