New lot tours + areas!


New areas in Bimlico!

Check out the Canals/University and the Yong Canal – new area in Bimlico that you can visit!

There aren’t that many pictures yet, but you might want to visit the Student Residence

and see how Adam, Poppy and Malcolm have settled into their rooms?

Remember how the students had lovely food at the University Foodstands in the last update?

Well, now you can see a few more pictures of the place :)

There’s also the Young Canal, where you can see where all the teens go to school!

In this area, you’ll also find the organic Café Yum and the Old Boat House.

Updated lot: the Cinema

I also updated the Cinema, so you can meet the lovely new sims working at the Metro Bar!

And construction is finally over, and a Bowling Alley has opened up in the same building!

Meet Alyssa, who tends the bar here ;)

Updated lot: the Livingston/Copur Home

Naima and Shannon have moved in, and you can see how Naima decorated their new home :)

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