New areas open for visits



Finally, a new update from SimSaraBim!

Update 29-12-13

The Canals

I have been working on the University/Canal area in Bimlico, and while the University-part of the area still isn’t very developed, the Canals are now open for your visit as well as quite a few other lots in the area.

Why not stop by the Book Barge? Or go see where Lucia and Sophia live!

Update2 29-12-13

The Beach

The Beach is still very empty. So far, you can see the hot new Beach Club and tour the Fox/Marlin home!

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2 comments on “New areas open for visits
  1. Kim says:

    I’ll go for a walk along the canals and the beach tomorrow!

  2. Lea says:

    Very lovely!! :heart:

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