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I can’t believe it has been almost three months since I last updated :shock:
Real life has been super busy with practically no time for Sims, but finally this weekend I had some time!
These pictures are actually pretty old, and I have plenty more unedited pictures, so I hope to update again soon :)

Story: It’s going to be a long Winter


The poor sims in Bimlico get an early start to winter with deep snow in November!
In this story, you can see how the teens made the best of the weather, and you can meet the new university students, who went for a night out!
Read it right here!

Updated lot: The Student Residence

New students mean newly furnished rooms!


Lot tours: Cherryview

The final two lots in Cherryview are ready to be visited:
Go check out Ofelia’s room at the Parker Home!
Or what about Seth’s and Silas’ rooms over at the Day Home?

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