New story: SimApril

Story: An April Wedding



The day is here: Ryan and Olivia’s wedding!!

It was a beautiful day – for several reasons :heybaby:

Read the story here.

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2 comments on “New story: SimApril
  1. Laurabcn says:

    Omg, I’m so spoiled! I get to read both a Sandy and a Sara update today! :chugga: (Never checking your emails has its benefits! :chuckle: :blush: )
    Wedding! Wedding, wedding, wedding! :tearyeyes: :toast: That’s so exciting! I love sim weddings! (But I get bored at RL ones :cheeky: :blush: ). Anyhow, off to read!
    And sorry for being bad and not commenting, I’m usually VERY late to every update, but I read everything, I swear! ;)

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