New story: SimNovember+December

New story: (SimNovember+December) Birthdays, dates, a new year!


Another long period of silence on the blog  :sorry:

Finding time for the Sims is hard!! I’ve had this story finished for quite some time, but only got around to posting it now. Is there even anyone still following this little Bimlico universe? :)

 Anyway, here’s some events from the last months of year 3 in Bimlico!!

Ofelia celebrates her 19th birthday, Sophia goes on a date, Hannah and Ray have ‘Grandparent’s Day’ and the students throw a party for New Year’s!

Read the story.

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4 comments on “New story: SimNovember+December
  1. ana says:

    an update! :sigh: ofelia’s parents are so generous! she’s so lucky! it’s good to see sophia getting over her break up!

    i love the idea of grandparent’s day! so sweet :heart:

    don’t worry, you still have readers! i’m super invested in your dear sims!

  2. Kim says:

    I’m still following too Sara-love! I have equally little time though, but I’m still here. I miss my own Sims as much as yours, haha!
    I’ll comment on the story soon. :)

    • Sara says:

      :kiss: Darling Kim, thank you! If only there were more hours in the day (well, we’d probably spend them sleeping more, right? :giggle: ) or maybe less hours in a work week so we had more time for this world of little character :sigh: That would be lovely!

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