Goodbye SimSaraBim!

I have finally decided to discontinue the blog :( It’s now been more than a year since I last posted anything! will become unavailable by the end of this month, I believe. Thank you all for all the many lovely comments that always made me smile and inspire me to continue playing this ancient game  :giveheart:

a major reason for the decision is that my game had become buggy, it was crashing and loading times were awful. I also felt like I was spending too much time writing stories and editing pictures, and time for Sims isn’t what I have most of these days. I simply decided to start again (almost) from scratch, and rebuild a simpler, new Bimlico with less cc  :pinkcheer:

I am having so much fun with this new project and I have already been posting quite a few pictures and even some gameplay over at my tumblr! I hope to see you there and that you’ll like your visit to a new Bimlico <3

Sul sul from Sara  :kiss:

Pictures of the new Bimlico

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One comment on “Goodbye SimSaraBim!
  1. sandy says:

    :tearyeyes: I’ll miss it deeply, even with Tumblr, but the most important is that you have fun! :friends:
    Give a HUGE smooch to each of your Simmies, dogs included of course, from me. :kiss:
    (and many for you too!) :hugs:

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