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Here’s a preliminary overview of the different areas of Bimlico. I might change it!

*Magnolia Hill*

Museum + Water Garden + the Sculpture Garden + Café


* Plum Point*

Currently empty


Yeah, I plan on building a nectary and some vineyards here at some point… :waiting:

14 comments on “Bimlico
  1. Gerardine says:

    Seeing this Sunset Valley remake made me want to remake a neighborhood myself. I wanted to for a while, but was lazy. You just make it look so so fun!! So, I’m in the process of doing a remake myself. I can’t wait to see more!!! :confetti2:

    • Sara says:

      :wave: Hi Gerardine and welcome to Bimlico :chuckle:

      Thank you so much! And remaking a whole town IS a lot of fun :yahoo: but also a lot of work :tired: But mostly, it’s fun :confetti2: ! I would absolutely LOVE to see how you’re remaking your Sunset Valley (if that’s the world you’re remaking)! So let me know if you’re posting pictures anywhere :flirty:

      • Gerardine says:

        Hi Sara! I have finally gotten around to posting some images of my Sunset Valley makeover :chugga: It’s exciting to see new post on here! Your builds are quite lovely :cheeky:

        • Sara says:

          :chugga: Way to go, Gerardine!! :pinkcheer: I am off to check out your tumblr!

          And thank you so much :giverose: I still have quite a few new builds that I haven’t had the time to put on the blog, but they’re coming ;)

  2. RemyRose83 says:

    :wave: Hi this is really cool i saw the pic of the lots and they are very pretty & welled detailed. I dont have any of the sims 3 store worlds other then the free one & was wondering if this was up for download and if there is a an requirement so none of the items go missing?

    • Sara says:

      Hi RemyRose! :wave: Love your name – have you met the little girl “Remy” who lives here in Bimlico? :)

      My town, Bimlico, is actually just Sunset Valley – the town from the Sims 3 base game! I just got rid of all the existing lots and sims :lol: I can’t put my version up for download, however, because I use a lot of custom content :)

      • RemyRose83 says:

        Hey :cheeky: and thanks. Oh really :shock: well again it looks so cool. I have a custom content world called St. Claire I cant remember the creator but its really nice anyway wish I could meet Remy but maybe we just aren’t destined to meet. :cry:

  3. iveemadole says:

    Hi, ok so I know this isn’t for download, but I really want to know what custom content you used! I would really like to update my city in the Sims! Was it from the site the Sims resource? Or from different sites? This is amazing

    • Sara says:

      :wave3: Hi and thank you for your very kind words!! Oooh, custom content…. :thinking: I’m using a lot, and from various sites, but I basically have everything from – that’s the best site! Another favourite is Awesims. And I do have a fair share from SimsResource as well. I have a lot of custom content :chuckle:

  4. Lilidebergerac says:

    Did I not comment on your site before? Bad, bad me! :punish:

    Well, not much to say except that I looooooooooooooove your Bimlico and you’re one of those people that keeps me from being bored by the game, and believe me, that’s not easy! :)

  5. Mari says:

    Do you have an empty version you could put up for download?

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