Barton Home


Who lives here?



House tour

The Barton family has lived in this house for many years, but they never really find the time to do some updates around the house. Only when Amy moved in, they changed the breakfast nook into a tiny bedroom for her, but that’s about it.

The house is a remake of one I built for the family in TS2 :)

Back yard

(I won’t call it a “garden”)


Entrance and dining area





Living area



(This house is tiny)

Here we see the entrance to Amy’s room/the-old-breakfast-nook :chuckle:


Amy’s room


So tiny!!

Parents’ bedroom

Eli of course has a poster of beer on his side of the bed :lol:


Henry’s room

Henry’s a real boy, and he loves superheros, and aliens, and snakes, and…..




Just so you can see that they do in fact have a bathroom :lol: It was just so difficult to get a decent picture of it!


6 comments on “Barton Home
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Another perfect tiny house. I’m totally in love with Amy’s bedroom! It’s sooooo tiny, but so cosy and warm. I would love a nook like that. :heart:

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh, yes, isn’t it for that house that I had already swooned over the tiny bedroom closed with a curtain, in your Sims 2 game? I can’t remember Amy as Sim 2, though, so I’m not sure. :hmm:
    But this house is fully adorable! I have a weak spot for the kitchen! :heart: (which is already twice bigger as the one I had in my student studio! :lol: )

    • Sara says:

      :lol: I think the Sims 2 picture you’re thinking of is Jenny’s old dining room-bedroom! :hmm: I should see if I still have that picture! I should post that on her page!

  3. MissyHissy says:

    Ooh, cute, cosy little home!!!! Very cosy and it looks so lived-in and real! :heart:

  4. CharlottaBean says:

    Oh, This is lovely! I’m gawking over that dining & Kitchen duo! :drool:

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