Livingston/Copur Home


Who lives here?


House tour

Naima and Shannon have just moved in together in this nice little rowhouse,

but Naima went straight to work and decorated their home in her favourite colour schemes!

(She might have forgotten to talk to Shannon about budgets first… :thinking: )

{The rowhouses can be downloaded here}


Entrance + Kitchen + living room







At the moment, all Naima’s thoughts are about their forthcoming wedding, and she buys all the latest bridal magazines!



Laundry area

Tucked away behind the stairs is the laundry area :giggle:

(I was so happy that sims can actually get to them!)

There’s also a bathroom on this floor, but I couldn’t be bothered with pictures of it :chuckle:


Downstairs bedroom

Shannon wanted to make this room into a sports room, but Naima didn’t agree,

and instead made the room her crafts room, where she paints and grows flowers and plants.


Uhmm, but one day, Shannon came home to find the room transformed into this:


Read more about that in this SimMarch story!


Master bedroom + bathroom

Naima went all in on the romance for their bedroom!

… but Shannon did demand room for her treadmill!



I didn’t bother taking pictures of the bathroom here either :pardon:

These two girls are very different:

Naima’s side: 



Shannon’s side:



Naima reads about weddings and exotic travel destinations for their honeymoon :heartpump:

Shannon reads about golf :thumbs:


LivingstonCopurHome2 LivingstonCopurHome3





10 comments on “Livingston/Copur Home
  1. Kate says:

    What a nice house! :hugs: I love that sideboard with nutella and cornflakes! It looks so perfect there! And what a great idea with those shelfves under the tv! Oh, and crafts room! :sigh: And the overview – Gosh, everything is so well – planned! :kiss:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    Oh, I would have missed that you put the houses up to download! (I haven’t put up anything to thank my followers… :blush: :pardon: ).

    Anyways, it looks fantastic! Your homes always look so cozy and homey. :heart: I love that each of the girls has a ‘side’ of the room for herself.

    • Sara says:

      :giverose: D’aaaaw, you are too sweet!!! I try to put the sims’ personalities into their homes (here, it’s 97% Naima and 2% Shannon and 1% Naima again) – Naima was tempted to put just a little flower over there on Shannon’s side of the bedroom. :giggle:

  3. Sandy says:

    Awww, that bedroom is so romantic! And Naima is reading wedding magazines? :sigh: AWWWWWWW! :heart:
    I’m completely in love with the craftroom! Painting, plants everywhere!! That looks like paradise (above all when plants don’t need water… :chuckle: )
    Their kitchen/dining is also to die for! I love the clutter you put in the shelves (this house is rather uncluttered for a Sara’s house! ;))
    I love how your houses always show their inhabitants personalities! :heartpump:

  4. Kim(mi) says:

    Hehe, it’s so funny to see how Naima has made this house fit her personal taste. Yet it still looks like a place where Shannon would feel comfortable too. I love the sofa with all those cushions! I want a cushion filled sofa myself :)
    And what’s this about a wedding? :popcorn:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, sweetie!! I think Shannon would feel comfortable almost anywhere :giggle: But yes, who wouldn’t love to hang out in that cushion-filled sofa? :sigh:
      Ohh, the wedding. If you ask Naima, it’s ON! If you ask Shannon, I’m not sure she’ll understand what you are talking about :dunno:

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