Football Club


Football is the main sport in Bimlico, and here’s the stadium!




There’s an audience stand in between the two “coach sheds”.

Ohh, can you tell the colours of Bimlico are turquoise/white? :chuckle:

… and I chose the llama as the mascot!

(I guess now we know which bowling lane all the Bimlico FC fans will fight over?)


The stand is set on top of a little snack and merchandise shop.


The two doors are the team changing rooms. One for Bimlico’s team, and one for the visitors.


The football bar:

 In Denmark, football is associated with beer and hotdogs, so I made a little bar on top of the changing rooms.





The seats are of course over-looking the football field!




6 comments on “Football Club
  1. Sandy says:

    A football club?!! :rubeyes: Matthies, get out that body! :chuckle:
    Aww, the food stand with sport magazine is über cute!! (wait, how can I use the words “über cute” on a football club page? :hmm: I’m possessed!!! :scared: )
    I think in France, Bimlico would wear the same colors as the OM, Olympique de Marseille (SEE, I KNOW THE COLORS OF A FRENCH CLUB!!!!). Unless the lines are horizontal. :pardon:
    Anyway. Gorgeous lot! I can’t wait to see a match there! :cheers:

    • Sara says:

      :pardon: I don’t know what happened to me! I built this a few months ago, and I had so much fun :lol:
      :clap: Woooooo for you knowing the colours of a French club!!!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    MORE TOWN COLOURS!! This football club is great my darling! You’ve made me put my stadium on the redo list too now! (Actually, it was already on there, it’s too big ;) ) But this will have to be after the athletic festival. I love that cafe stand too and the cafeteria with a view of the field is amazing!

    • Sara says:

      After I built this, I started adding those town colours everywhere :facepalm: Every sim I think could be a supporter should get a little Bimlico flag :chuckle:

      Ohh, but I remember really liking your stadium!! It has a really big tribune, right? But you need to make it fit to a smaller lot now?

      Thank you, sweetie! :hugs:

  3. Lea says:

    I love the colors!!! :heart:
    The Island looks nice,but I’d like to stay at the Snack stand.. :cheeky: ( :popcorn: <– :drool: )
    In Austria,footbal means fights between the fangroups of the two FC's.. :pardon: And lots of beer in the Train too… :toast:

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