The building to the left of Bimlico Sports Club houses the town’s gym!


There’s a little lounge area where sims can hang out after their workout.




Confession: I don’t really know much about real life gyms, so I just put stuff here and there…… :dunno:

It now dawns upon me that there are no showers here :facepalm:

There is one big room downstairs, which I imagine is used for classes like… aerobics?



Upstairs is one big room – the actual gym – with lots of machines. :heat:  




Basketball court


Audience stand


At the back, there’s a little play area with swings and trampolines (that’s also kind of sports, right?)

And the half pipe gets opened during winter!


6 comments on “Gym
  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t know much about RL gym neither, so yours looks absolutely realistic to the picture I could have of these! :nod:
    It’s nice that you get the trampolines there! :joy: (<- doesn't it look like bouncing on a trampoline?) I still haven't put there on a permanent place. Sometimes, it's on the beach, sometimes it's in the middle of the soccer field (which might be criminal? :pardon: ), and most of the times, it's just in the Buy catalog. :D
    Wow, so many sport visits already, I'm getting exhausted already! I need a snack! :popcorn:

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: hehe, I am happy I have you fooled! :blum: Yes, that emoticon is totally on a trampoline!!! And yes, you definitely need a snack after all this sports! …remember the snack food stand right next door? :cheesy:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    TOWN COLOURS!!! :confetti2: (That reminds me, I have to ask Sandy about her town colours, cause the stripe pattern looks blue-ish in the pancake house flag, but purple-ish in the clothes her athletes were wearing…)
    I’m especially excited about that totally realistic looking basketball court, but I do love the feel of the whole lot! Wat, is that me “loving” a gym? Wow, you really are good! :heartpump:

  3. Lea says:

    I don’t know how a gym Looks either sooo…..Wow,it looks stunning so realistic! :lol:
    Bricks!!!! :heart:
    I love the outdoor!Trampolin!! :joy:

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