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Who lives here?


House Tour

When Charles and Mia moved into the house, they decided to completely start over with their decorating style.

Before, they lived in Mia’s small apartment, which was very much her style, so the move offered an opportunity to add some “Prof. Charles” to the atmosphere… But the place still has a lot of Mia’s old furniture!

Want to see their old place? Maybe you can spot some of the old things they took with them to the new house?

Visit the Sims 2 Day Home


Entry + Living room



Seth is of course working out!


Charles‘ chair!


Parents’ bedroom


Can you tell they’re both teachers? :chuckle:


Downstairs bathroom


Dining Area + Kitchen



The kitchen is more Mia‘s style, I think :)



Upstairs bathroom

We’ll continue the tour upstairs, which is entirely dedicated to the twins!

… but they are still required to keep the bathroom very tidy!!


Seth’s room

Even though the twins are best friends, they are so happy to have their own rooms!

They both have a balcony like this.



Seth is a sporty guy, and he is a huge supporter of Bimlico Football Club! :pinkcheer:


Silas’ room

Silas is more geeky than his brother….


Although he is more into music and comic books, he is still a big sports fan!
(See his Hot Wings poster? He got that in Sandy Valley where he first heard of this cool band from Honeycomb Valley at the Rock Festival! He’s probably their biggest fan! He also has different artwork from Sandy Valley on his walls.)




6 comments on “Day Home
  1. Sandy says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! A visit at the Day’s!!!! Aww, I shouldn’t say that, because I know I could say it for so many of your Sims that it gets ridiculous, but they’re really one of my very favorite families! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Of course, because of Seth ( :heartpump: ) and Silas ( :heartpump: ), but not only: I love Mia’s lovestory with Prof. Charles! :sigh:
    Anyway. The tour!! :girldance:

    Awww, I love all the things they brought from their Sims 2 house, like Charles’s armchair, or (ooooh, wait, I’ve just read your question about it at the end of the Sims 2 tour! I’ll answer there then! :p )
    [coming back to the tour! :chugga: ]

    The house is so lovely already! I love the little steps to get to the door! :heart:
    Aww, I love Charles’ coat and his mallet near the door! Houses where you directly come in the living-room are so welcoming! Hi there, Seth! :wave:
    It shows Mia put her artistic trait in the decoration of the house! There’s some lovely art pieces in every rooms! (well, except in Seth’s… :chuckle: Hey, don’t bash me! OK, EVEN in Seth’s room, as nothing is more gracious that Bimlico llama. :nod: ;) )
    It of course shows they’re both professors! Ahaha, they even bring work to bed! Bookworm AND workaholic! :clap:
    Oooh, I love the simply cozyness of the bathroom!!!
    The kitchen and dining are pure cuteness! I love the retro-but-nowadays look of the kitchen! I screamed a bit at the phone on a shelf near the visit, with a postcar, because that’s just genius. :thumbs:
    Boys rooms!!!! :yahoo:
    Aaah, Seth must be in Heaven at living in the same district than his football club!! :D
    Oh, and see how bad I was earlier, teasing him about his bedroom art: he DOES get other things than Bimlico llama! :clap:
    I laughed at Bimlico football club merchandising: a trash!! :rofl:
    Aww, that’s too awesome to be able to guess your Sims traits just by looking at their house!!! :clap: :clap:
    Silaaaaaaaaaaas! :grouphug:
    Awww, I love how he’s more into comics and music! :heart: HELLO THE HOT WINGS!!!! :girldance:

    The floor plan is so awesome! It must be a treat for the guys to have the upstairs all by themselves!!

    AWW, FABULOUS TOUR!! :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      :blush: Aaaw, thank you so much, my dear!

      Hahaha, yes, Mia and Charles are truly workaholics, bringing work to the bedroom. (But you see, I forgot to make room for a study for them in this house… oops! :pardon: )

      :hugs: The kitchen! That was the first room I decorated – “retro-but-nowadays”; I think that sums up Mia’s style pretty well :thumbs: And I love that you love the little “phone arrangement”, I think it’s little things like that that make it look like a home where someone lives :)

      :lol: If you ask Seth, the Bimlico Llama IS art! And YES, I love that truly ugly trash can (well, it’s actually for laundry :rofl: ). When would you ever use that?? In a teen boy’s bedroom, that’s where :lol:

      :hugs: :heartpump: :hugs: You are awesome!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    DAY HOME!!!! I LOVE The Days! I’ve adored them since the beginning!
    Hahaha, I laughed at the workbooks on the nightstands! Correction work! :D It’s a typical teacher thing to take work home with you, yup. I do it daily!
    The little balconies are perfect!
    Awww, I love how the twins have such different room! Awww, Silas is so awesome to be such a fan of The Hot Wings! If there’s another Rock Festival, maybe he can have his picture taken with them!
    Overviews!!! :heart:
    LOVED this tour darling!

    • Sara says:

      :yahoo: The Days are a favourite family :heartpump: I’m so happy to finally invite you in their home!

      YES, I was thinking exactly that Mia and Charles would correct papers in bed :lol:

      :shock: Silas would DIE to have a picture taken together with the Hot Wings! (Maybe next to Sadie?) He would go all fanboy!

      Thank you, Kim! :kiss:

  3. Lea says:

    I can see they’re both teachers! :lol:
    I love how you kept everything in this cam blue!! :heartpump:
    Silas’ room is GORGEOUS.Simply gorgeous.Be happy with it, Silas, or you’ll get hit. :punish:
    The hot wings poster is great!Who makes all the Posters?Sandy?

    • Sara says:

      I am pretty sure Silas is happy with his room ;) (It has a computer :chuckle: )

      That light blue is Mia’s favourite colour – and it shows, huh?

      The posters were made by the Hot Wings themselves! They wanted to advertise their awesome band, so they made these posters and brought them to Sandy Valley for last year’s Rock Festival. Silas was super stoked to get one!

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