Day Home – Sims 2

Here are a few pictures from the Day Family’s old Sims 2 home! :sigh:

They lived in an apartment building with the Fox/Marlin Family and the Woods Family.







So, did you recognise some of the things they brought with them to their house in Bimlico?

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  1. Sandy says:

    :joy: Game time!!!! I’m such a child! :facepalm: I was commenting the Sims 3 tour, when I found your question at the top of that one, and here I am to play! :bubbles:
    – Charles’ armchair
    – the boys cyan’s dresser (that is now Silas’), with the little doggy! :heart:
    – the desk (that is now Seth’s)
    – the desk chair (now Silas’, and very awesome seat, BTW!)
    – their sheets!
    – bookcases! :chuckle:
    – the end table with the pink top that is now near Charles’s armchair! AWWWW, I LOVE how you kept the same things but put them in different places!!! Imaginationless as I am, I would have put them in the same place, I’m afraid, but that’s so much more natural that way!!
    I think that’s all I see for now… :hmm:
    I might come back later… ;)

    (oh, and all excited by the game, I didn’t even say how much I loved that apartment! Well, I had already told you when you first showed it, but I still love it! So much life here again!!! It always makes me happy to watch your pictures, really, it’s like putting a sun in my heart! :giveheart: )

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: I love you, Sandy! You really took this challenge seriously :hi5: You did SO well! I think the only thing you missed is Seth’s desk lamp… and it’s not a 100% replica of the TS2 one.

      There were a few things that I wanted them to bring from their TS2 apartment, but couldn’t, so instead I tried to use objects that look a little like what they used to have. Like Seth’s desk chair! And Silas’ bean bag (which looks nothing like the TS2 version, but I love that picture of him reading in it, so I figured he HAD to have a bean bag in his new room too :lol: ).

      :geeky: Nerd alert :geeky: I tried to think about how Mia wanted this new house to be less HER and more to Charles’ liking, so a lot of the “goofy” things, like the pink sofa, had to go (but who knows, maybe only into storage? Maybe Seth or Silas will want it for their dorm room one day :lol: ). And the more pop art-y wall art is definitely not Charles’ taste, so she gave that up for Charles’ more sophisticated taste in art.

      :sigh: “a sun in your heart” :tearyeyes: That’s beautiful! Thank you so much! :friends:

      • Sandy says:

        That was SO MUCH fun!! I was already having fun at trying to see what objects you kept before seeing you were asking about that! :chuckle:
        Oooh, I have seen the desk lamp but didn’t count it, nope, because it’s not the same! I suspect the origal lamp having been broken during the moving, and Mia re-bought the most similar she could find, hoping nobody would notice. :giggle:
        Ooooh, that would be so much fun to find some old Mia’s stuff that you haven’t re-used yet for Silas and Seth’s dorms!!!!! :clap:


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