Parker (1) Home


Who lives here?


House Tour

Matthew, Jenna and Ofelia live in the “Old School” located in Cherryview.
The school was divided into two homes – the Parkers inhabit the one to the right, and NPCs live in the left part of the building.

Outdoors + back garden


At the back, there is a small garden. Jenna and Matthew want privacy, so they put up a fence.




Living + dining room






Hey! Pictures of a bathroom!



On the upstairs landing, there’s a multi-room: Study and gaming :lol:


Ofelia’s room

Ofelia thinks her room is pretty sweet! She has her own martial arts practise… thing!


Parents’ bedroom

Jenna really likes purple – can you tell?


Upstairs bathroom

What do you know! I took pictures of both bathrooms in this house :thumbs:


6 comments on “Parker (1) Home
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    :sigh: I love it. I always love it. You make homes look so HOMELY! And the Martial Arts corner in Ofi’s room is perfect!

    • Sara says:

      I really spoil my sims, huh? :chuckle: If they have a hobby, they are pushed to pursue it! Molly has her own horse, Ofi has her own martial arts corner… Seth has the football field across the street… :lol:

  2. Sandy says:

    I have said that a thousand of times already, but I love the idea how an old school re-used as residential lot! :heart: I wish I hadn’t put all my community lots on huge lots, because that’s something I would have loved to do! :sigh:
    The garden is so lovely! :giverose:
    I have a tremondous love for all your entries and hallways. They’re always so welcoming and living that I could just stay there without entering further! :sigh:
    (but then I’d miss a wonderful living-room!! And a super cute kitchen!!! I like how your kitchens have something “light”, without necessaryly all these big elements above the counters! (I hate these in RL! :giggle: )
    I love the gaming-studying room above!!! The Lanoix have something similar! :nod:
    OFI’s ROOM!! :joy: Awww, she must be in Heaven there, with all her asian stuff, and her very cool little martial arts place (it’s funny, because it looks all peaceful but, hey, it’s for MARTIAL arts! :ninja: )
    Ooooh, I see you have a popular bed in the parents bedroom! :giggle: The Days bought the same one! (I understand why, it’s lovely and it looks comfy! :thumbs: )
    :confetti2: for BOTH bathrooms pictures!!! Aren’t we spoiled!!!
    And… huh… no… no floor plan pictures? :cry: (<<<—- I'm joking, you don't have to put some every times!! ;))


    • Sara says:

      :sorry: I will try an remember the overview pictures from now on…. ;)

      :hi5: I am not a fan of wall-mounted kitchen cabinets IRL either! I rarely use them in the Sims! :lol: Ofi is SO lucky with her room – she’s so spoiled! I think that’s one of the perks of being the youngest child (Ofi was a surprise, 5 years between her and Lucia and 25 between her and Clara!)!

      :rofl: @ the popular bed! I didn’t even think about it! I’m sure other sims in Bimlico have that bed as well :lol:

      Bathroom pictures… :cool:

  3. Lea says:

    It’s so calm, pretty and kinda Retro :sigh:
    I love all of your bathrooms! :chuckle: :heart:
    Ofi’s room looks very chinese, just suiting her! :ninja:

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