The Old Water Tower


The Old Water Tower is where the sims in Bimlico will find the food truck!



There’s this little picnic area where the sims can enjoy the food :)



There’s also a pumpkin patch!


The old water tower still stands, but ow it has a cool rock climbing wall!



8 comments on “The Old Water Tower
  1. Sandy says:

    Oh, that’s a clever idea to have hidden the climbing wall there! I love how it’s rustic! :heart:

    • Sara says:

      I love the climbing wall, but it is a little difficult to place! I thought it was perfect for this very simple little park!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhh, I too love how rustic it is! And yes, what a perfect idea to have the climbing wall here! It’s the perfect spot for it (I never know where to put it) That picture with the waterfall is amazing!

    • Sara says:

      It’s also because it’s such a “clumsy” object, right? So, I hid it behind the water tower :chuckle:

      Sandy wrote this somewhere else, but the views in Sims 3 are so lovely! I love how we can be at this small lot and see what’s in the distance (like a beautiful waterfall!). :sigh:

  3. MissyHissy says:

    Great idea, hiding it behind the water tower! I agree with Kim and Sandy, the lot is beautifully rustic and very peaceful-looking :sigh:

  4. Alex (HFO) says:

    What a beautiful little park! It’s very simple but really pretty! I love the lanterns and the way the climbing wall looks propped up against the tower!

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