Woods Home


Who lives here?



The Woods family is so happy to finally have a big house! In Sims 2, they lived in a small apartment, where they had to convert the dining room into a room for Jenny. As it turned out, this new house didn’t have as many bedrooms as they thought, so once again, the dining room was converted into a room for Jenny.


Since it was winter at the time of the photoshoot, here’s a picture of the front porch covered in snow!


Jenny’s room

Behind the curtain, you’ll find Jenny’s room.

She loves that her room is a little unusual – and that it’s not upstairs with everyone else’s rooms!



Living room + dining room





The pictures behind the dining table are a mix of cute pictures, photos from Jasper and Jenny’s trip to Sandy Valley’s Summer Camp and then a terrible photo Ben took of his kids before they went trick or treating. As you can also see from a photo in the parents’ bedroom, Ben needs to practice!







Parents’ bedroom




Jasper’s room


Jonas’ room



Have some pictures of the house covered in snow!






6 comments on “Woods Home
  1. Sandy says:

    Indeed, that’s a big house compared to where they used to live!
    Awww, I love that you kept Jenny’s room in an unusual place!!! :heart:
    That’s such a cute bedroom with unicorns and so on!!!! Awwww!
    I love the living-dining! Once again, it looks so lived in, with Bubble’s litter, the toy box on a rug… :sigh:
    (aha, the Karlstad sofa with these ceiling-lamps above remind me something… ;))
    Ben’s picture might have been a bit too dark… :chuckle: (I use or used to use, I don’t even know, a mod supposed to enhance pictures taken by Sims, but Sims suck at photography, I’m afraid. I always end up by doing the pictures as CC instead than in-game. :/)
    Hello, Jasper’s summercamp pictures!!! I didn’t wave at you earlier in the story because I knew I would meet you here again! :wave:
    Aww, I like how Clara’s kitchen is simple and efficient! :heart: (with Bubble’s plate near the apron, aawww, that’s just cute!)
    Jasper’s decoration is too cute for words!!!
    *squeeeeeeeee* the house under the snow is sooooooo lovely!!! :bubbles: (huh… that’s for the magic of snow… :pardon: This guy :ninja: always makes me think to a skiing guy, but there’s too much action… So, the bubbles are for the happy contemplation of snow falling. :nod: )


    • Sara says:

      :friends: An usual place for an unusual girl, right? ;) :chuckle:

      Oh gosh, you should have seen how “lived in” it looked when I went there to take the photos… laundry everywhere!! :lol:

      ( :giggle: @ the sofa/lamps combo. Since I don’t have that anymore, I thought to give it to the Woods ;) )

      Yeah, I really have to learn how to make those pictures for my sims! Even though I kind of like the idea of Ben being a terrible photographer, yet insisting on framing everything and putting it up, I would like SOME families to have nice photos on their walls :chuckle:

      Hahaha, maybe next winter I will add some snow-emoticons just for you :blum:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Awww, Jenny’s room is too cute! I love unconventional rooms!
    YAY for pictures on the wall! I love nothing more than personal pictures on the walls!
    I love the kitchen! And awww the changing “station” in the parents bedroom, such a cute idea!
    Jasper’s room and Jonas’ room fit their inhabitants perfectly!
    The snow pictures of the house are gorgeous!

  3. Lea says:

    What a lovely house!It’s so suiting for this Family!! :heart:
    Bathrooms? :shout:
    And those bricks! :yahoo:

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