Dog Park


In the countryside of Bimlico, some old ruins suddenly appeared one day :whistle:


Bimlico’s Dog Park was born!



Maria and Bruce, Blake and Boulette were of course the first to go visit it!



Willa, Eric and Misha also paid a visit :wave:



:giggle: This isn’t the first time I’ve seen James around dogs. He doesn’t have any of the “animal lover” traits :dunno: Maybe he just really wants a dog?



There’s a pond right next to the ruins – a perfect place for the dogs to have fun!



Another dog family showed up! Here’s Malene with Gustav and Freja!



Boulette and Freja made good friends right away.


5 comments on “Dog Park
  1. Sandy says:

    I might be late to read your stories, but I can still make a tour in your new lots, can’t I? (unless there’s huge spoilers?)
    Anyway I was too curious about to see how you used the ruins (this and the Falafel palace! Say “Falafel”, and here I come!! :superman: )

    Your setting is so pretty! :heartpump:
    You know I had never made a dog park in my game!! So, how does it work? I mean, James apart, is it only Sims with dogs who come there? Dogs alone? I’m curious! :nerd:


    • Sara says:

      :thinking: I don’t think there are spoilers in the lot tours… Other than the new Sculpture Garden, where there’s few pictures of an aged up sim, who will age up in the next story :)

      I absolutely love the ruins!! I was really struggling at first to make it look “natural”, but when I finally found the “groove”, it was so much fun!

      I’m actually not sure how a dog park works :chuckle: But it seems it attracts families with dogs, since Willa and Eric showed up with Misha, and Malene came with Freja. I don’t know why James was there! I don’t think dogs will come alone… I will have to keep an eye!

  2. batsheba says:

    So, so cute :heartpump: really perfect, even the pond :roll: looks natural. Good job sweetie :hugs: now can I have your game?! ;)

    • Sara says:

      OMG, the “pond” was giving me SUCH headaches!!! I tried so desperately to make it look natural, and when I finally was satisfied, the dogs wouldn’t swim in it :shock: Apparently, I have some bug where dogs will only swim in swimming pools, and not fountains… So I had to rebuild it :facepalm:

      So it means a lot to me that you like it, and think that it looks natural :shock: Thank you!!

      And YES OF COURSE you can have my game! Just come over here, so I can give you a huge hug and a smooch :cheesy: :cheesy:

  3. batsheba says:

    Leaving right away…. :superman:

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