Hayes (2) Home


Who lives here?



The Hayes Family (2) live in this wonderful farm, which was originally built by Fagersims for her Enekjaer Island.

I like the building a lot since it reminds me of old Danish farms. In Enekjaer, it’s a community lot, but I converted it to a residential and did some rearranging both inside and out.

Mainly, I added a horse field for training jumps:



And a field for the horses to hang out in :chuckle:



Daria’s Room

I didn’t spend much time decorating the rest of the house, only Daria’s and Molly’s rooms. I had so much fun – these sisters are nothing like each other!




Molly’s room





6 comments on “Hayes (2) Home
  1. Sandy says:

    GIIIIIIIRLS!!!!! :hugs: :hugs: I remember I had visited your bedrooms on a previous update, and had even written a comment on Notepad about it, but somehow, it has never been sent. :pardon:
    I’m sorry, lovelies, don’t think I was ignoring you! :friends:
    Wow, you’re lucky to live in that fabulous farm!!! It’s so beautiful, really!!! :sigh:
    Awww, it’s lovely to see how you both have decorated your rooms! So girly and “horsy” for Molly, and so “comics” for Daria!! :pinkcheer: You both rock!!!
    (oooh, I remember I was gushing over that little reading nook in the comment that didn’t make its way to your blog! :heart: )

    • Sara says:

      Aaaaw, thank you for your comment, Sandy! :friends:
      I really love this farm, it’s lovely! I had tons of fun turning it into a residential lot and adding the horse field!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh dear, once Holly and Kyra learn Molly has her own horse AND personal training field, they’ll be SOOOO jealous!! :giggle:
    The girls have amazing rooms! Both of them! Again (yes, I know I always say this…) SO much personality! You can tell how different the girls are by looking at their rooms, that’s perfect!
    Aww honey, I can never get enough of your decorating style. :sigh:

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: Molly might become quite the star in Honeycomb Valley, huh? She could use a boost of confidence :angel:

      :giverose: Thank you so much, my dear! Your sweet words really mean a lot to me :kiss:

  3. Lea says:

    What cute rooms!´The difference is really here! :lol:
    I always make a hangout for my horses too!One for riding,one for eating,drinking and playing! :cheesy:

    • Sara says:

      Ohhh yeah these girls are sooo different! Daria dreams of becoming an astronaut, while Molly wants to be a princess or something :pardon: :lol:
      :hi5: for the horse fields! They need one place for work, another for recreation ;)

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