Rossi Home


Who lives here?


This is the home of Carmela Rossi (and her four cats!)

A zebra-print loving, spray tan addicted crazy cat lady! :nod:


Her home is between Ava’s and Mr. Holloway’s.



Her garden is devoted to her cats.




The caravan contains a kitchen and bathroom (that I forgot to take pictures of!)

And the little yellow house is her bedroom :)


Here’s an overview!

… which totally reveals that the caravan is supported by four… sofas…. :pardon:

(Thanks to Vany for giving me the inspiration for this!!)



12 comments on “Rossi Home
  1. Sandy says:

    Oh, that’s so very you!!! I remember that gorgeous lot you posted once, with a daycare, and the toilets outside! :lol: A bedroom in a small house ( :heart: at the CATS cover! :D), and the kitchen in a caravan! You wonderful sadist! :heartpump: :lol:
    That cat-dedicated garden!! Aww, that’s too cute!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Carmela was getting friends with Kim’s Carmen! :lol:

    • Sara says:

      I like that title “wonderful sadist”! :rofl:
      Yes!! Carmela & Carmen! They sound like sisters! They would get along, no doubt :nod:

      The daycare-house is actually right at the beginning of the Hippie Village, so it’s also sort of a part of it :)

  2. MissyHissy says:

    Every town needs a crazy cat lady! :D
    Hi Carmela! :wave3: Hi Carmela’s four cats! :wave3:

  3. mmmcheezy225 says:

    Carmela’s profile picture is…perfect. :toofunny: Using the loveseats as wheels is genius!!

  4. callum says:

    Hey, ive been following your site for a little while, some of your updates were what was getting me through revision, so through it was about time i said how much i enjoyed you stuff :) and i love the idea of using the wheel sofas on the caravan, may be steeling this :P haha

  5. Simone says:

    OMG, please, can you share Carmen?! :blush: I’m absolutely in love with her! i can see her as a crazy fortune teller in my game :lol:

  6. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh this is the perfect place for Carmela! I too lovethe cat-bedding! So fitting! I still think Carmen and Carmela should meet one day! :giggle:

    • Sara says:

      I think this place should have been more tacky :hmm:

      We MUST come up with an excuse for Carmen and Carmela to meet! They could almost be sisters!! ………. :scared:

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