Bimlico Central Park


Bimlico Central Park is a complete remodel of the original Sunset Valley park.



The Day family spent a nice day here! The twins ran straight for the roller rink which is in one corner, near the City Hall.


Seth was struggling a little, while roller skating came much more natural to Silas!



A look down the park.
:wave: That’s the twins’ mom chilling by the fountain…
(..and the newspaper boy went roller skating with the boys :giggle:  )

Here’s the other “upper corner”.

Ray Brown was checking the place out…


In one corner, there’s a stage for performances. I was very much inspired by Martine’s fabulous Festival Ground!

(Ohh, you can’t see pictures of it any longer, since she has switched to Tumblr. It was fantastic!)


He was super excited about the trash can  :thumbs:

The stage (which I totally stole from Martine) can be used for concerts or other entertainment.


There’s also a little picnic area where sims can sit down and enjoy the show going on at the stage.
(And you can see the water labyrinth in the background…)

Now, pic spam of the fountain :sigh:

CP9 CP10

In the background you can see Seth twirling with the newspaper boy! :lol:


In the background, you can see the not-so-pretty unrendered Cinema  :wave3:

Let’s see what’s in the last “corner” of the park!

CP12 CP13

Under the big oak tree, there’s a little area for a private wedding ceremony :heart:


Silas decided to check out the photo tent.


What are mom and dad doing playing chess at each their table instead of together?!


The twins started up a water balloon fight with poor old Ray :lol:
… and again, newspaper boy wanted to join :pardon:


That’s better :thumbs:

Silas was so good at dodging the water balloons, and didn’t get hit for so many “rounds”… until this:


:chuckle: That was it for the water fight.


Silas stopped to smell the flowers while Seth went to get an sno cone :)


Of course he wasn’t alone for long! :sigh:

In this corner of the park, I used to have water labyrinth, but I never used it, and decided to build a little café instead.

Click here to visit the old water labyrinth  :)

Park cafe

CP21 CP22 CP23CP24

The café is run by Chris Robinson!

CP25 CP26



Phew, that’s it for the tour of the Central Park!!

If you wish, you can get the park right here

7 comments on “Bimlico Central Park
  1. Sandy says:

    The park is adorable and what fun to visit it with Seth and Silas! :heartpump: They’re too cute at eating their icecreams on the fountain!
    Your wedding nook is soooooo lovely! Oooh, I’m so impatient to see a wedding there!! :girldance:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Awww, what a peaceful park! And yes, I too am happy to see the twins there! :heartpump:

  3. MissyHissy says:

    It’s great that they have so much to do! :girldance: The twins look like they enjoyed visiting!
    I adore that water labyrinth :heart: What a wonderful idea!
    That wedding nook is so gorgeous and cute! :heartpump: What lucky simmies!

  4. Robin says:

    can you make this available to download?

    • Sara says:

      Hi Robin :wave3: I have added a download link at the bottom of the page for you :) Looking at the pictures, I don’t think there’s a lot of CC there.

  5. Batsheba says:

    Love your park :) The new cafe is super cute, love the dark stone tone you used :thumbs:

    • Sara says:

      You are too kind, my dear :kiss:
      I think the park is more cohesive now with the new café :) The dark stone is the “classic Bimlico”. I use it in many lots in the downtown area :nod:

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