Bowling Alley


The other end of this old building has been changed into a bowling alley :chugga:


Downstairs is the bowling lanes and a bar area :cheers:



Laura‘s awesome sim, Alyssa Williams, works here!

She decided to move to Bimlico after her sister threw her out of their home in Coffee City ( :hugs: )

I got this idea for three teams for the bowling alley :chuckle:

Team 1 is the dog

Team 2 the cat

Team 3 the llama



Upstairs, sims can chill out and follow the bowling games

– or get a bite to eat!



Ohhh it’s so dark in there!

15 comments on “Bowling Alley
  1. Laurabcn says:

    Oh, such a funny place! My sim is lucky to work there!

    I absolutely love your teams! Dogs, cats, and llamas! :toofunny:

    Besides, I think it makes a great bowling alley, with the bricks (I can’t never find nice bricks that I like for my buildings!), and the wood… :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      :yahoo: I love Alyssa here, she’s perfect!

      Bricks :drool: I use brick everywhere! And I like this pattern – it’s BaseGame, and I think it’s white or grey in the preview :hmm:

      :chuckle: I am team llama!! What about you?

  2. Laurabcn says:

    That’s too hard of a choice! :chuckle: Team llama is the coolest, but team dog is very majestic and team cat is all cuteness! And it’s obvious, I have all three qualities! :pardon: (And I am really modest also. :P ) I could go with team llama as well, because “llama” is a funny word. But then again… Aw, too tough!

    (Yes, I’m more silly than usual today. You’ll have to go and tell my parents to stop painting already, the fumes are getting me to act sick and weird. And no, that’s not an excuse I made up! I promise I didn’t drink anything! Oh, btw, did I make a typo in my name, in another post?)

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: You spelled your own name wrong?! :brow: Give me your phone number and I will call those parents of yours and tell them “Parar pintando! Vuestra hija cree que está una llama!!!! :shock: “!

      • Laurabcn says:

        :spit: :toofunny: Man, I just picture you saying that with a really, really angry voice and an adorable accent! :lol: :heart: :grouphug2:

        • Sara says:

          :chuckle: Did I write it right? I spent a lot of time looking up words and everything for that sentence! I did have Spanish in high school!! And I’m learning Spanish on :angel: :cheesy: :flirty:

          • Sara says:

            :blush: Aaaaaw, thank you! But DARN! I thought I got that first one right! I used the gerund “pintando”, but I guess you can’t really say it like that in Spanish? Like in English “Stop painting!” – in Spanish, it has to be “Stop to paint!”? But okay, then I don’t understand the “parad”… :facepalm: This is advanced Spanish! I have just learnt different nouns, number, colours and a few verbs on my online course! But I took a break from it, because it annoyed me that it made me write stupid sentences that makes no sense like “the men eat the apple” – how is that possible? Los hombres comen la manzana :cheesy:

          • Laurabcn says:

            Aw, yes, hon, it was well written! :kiss: Only the verbs are a bit off. The first one should be conjugated differently (parad de pintar) and the second one was well conjugated, but in this situation it should be an “es”. I know choosing between those two verbs is hard for foreign people, because many languages have them be just one.(Like English! :chuckle:). Everything else was perfect!

            Well, nerdy teacher moment over :nerd: , I think making small mistakes does add to the cuteness! :grouphug2: :heart:

  3. Sandy says:

    Yeah!!! :clap: I like how it looks urban, with these dark bricks ( :drool: ), and mismatching furniture!
    I’m definitively a Cat team supporter! :pinkcheer: (and because I support that team, it’s not the one I’d join. :chuckle: )
    More :confetti: for Alyssa! :clap:

  4. Laurabcn says:

    Well, apparently we just reached the maximum number of replies to a post allowed, as it won’t let me post another one… That together with the fact that google is convinced that I post so much because I am spambot trying to sell you pills or something should tell me something… It doesn’t. :chuckle:

    Just wanted to add, you’re right in your deduction: while the structure “stop painting” is right in English, in Spanish it sounds weird. The “parad” is just because the verb has the subject in it; in this case, that’s a plural you, and so we conjugate it that way. :cheeky: I know it’s odd, don’t worry! :cheeky:

    I can totally understand why you get fed up of writing sentences that don’t make sense: how can a group of men share an apple? They’d had to eat very little of it. :cheesy:

  5. Lea says:

    Grunge Bar!! :cheers: :heartpump: Bricks!! :clap:
    :rofl: at you and Laura!! :toofunny:

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