City Hall


Welcome to Bimlico’s City Hall!

There’s no tour of the inside (yet) because it’s still not decorated :)

The lot also contains these two buildings, which you can tour:


Lot tour


The little passageway leads to the back of the lot, where there’s a metro stop.



To one side of the City Hall, you find the Wedding Shop and the Polka Dot Café :)



To the other side, there’s a little café area with food stands inside the little house.

:shout: Aaargh, the ice cream truck was totally photo bombing! :chuckle:


The lot is labeled “Fire station” :heybaby:


… and this is said fire station! :lol:


Now for more on the food stands!

There’s plenty of outside seating, right in front of the fountain.



The lovely (but grumpy) Ember Adams (by mission-simpossible) sells burgers, and she is NOT happy about it! :lol:


:wave: It’s SimTheachen from The Sims Daily! Urghhh….. Sneezing right in front of your own food stand? :nah:

She sells sandwiches :)


:shock:  Don’t you dare sneeze again, Thea!!!

5 comments on “City Hall
  1. Sandy says:

    Okaaaaay, I’m going to SQUEEEEEEEEEEE hysterically on every single post you made (crazy you, there’s SO many things to see, I won’t have time to read them all tonight!! Do you think I’ll be able to sleep knowing all the goodies that are waiting for me here? :giggle:
    Anyway. The building of your City Hall is extra-lovely!! This tower with the cornices, ohlala!!! I love the fountains on the plazza! And firestation…. :heybaby: Can’t to meet these guys… :heybaby:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh you were totally good with only one firemen! I have several! :giggle:
    I love this City Hall, my darling! And oooooh, I can’t wait to see my Polka Dot Cafe!!!

  3. MissyHissy says:

    Lovely idea, having the wedding shop and Polka Dot Cafe on the same lot :heart:
    Hello, firemen/man :heybaby:

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