Wedding Shop


This really wouldn’t exist without Sandy‘s objects :sigh:


:wave:  SimAshley (another Daily) is behind the register here :)





SimAshley is such a sweetheart, always smiling, giggling. She loves her job…. :nod:




9 comments on “Wedding Shop
  1. Sandy says:

    :heart: You know, this place and the lovely wedding nook in your park make me all excited about your first wedding! :sigh:
    I love the view from the wedding shop!!! Isn’t it something nice, in the Sims 3, those views? :heart:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Awww, this is such a pretty weddingshop! Like Sandy, I’m completely looking forward to your first wedding! It’ll be a smash I’m sure!

  3. MissyHissy says:

    Most of my lots couldn’t exist without Sandy’s stuff :giggle:
    Lovely wedding shop! :heart: Like Sandy and Kimmi, I can’t wait for Bimlico’s first wedding! :pinkcheer:

  4. WebbMom says:

    Ha! That last pic is priceless! Especially after saying how much she loved her job. :chuckle:

    You’ve done an awesome bit of work here! I love how everything is cross-linked to other pertinent areas on your site. I shall spend a great deal of time exploring, I’m sure. :clap:

  5. Aurna says:

    Sara dear, which register/till are you using for your simply gorgeous wedding shop? :cheesy:

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