Laundry Cafe


Welcome to the Laundry Café.

For years now, I have dreamt of opening a place like this in real life. Not because I like doing laundry, and want to run a café. Simply because I am obsessed with the idea of customers going to the bar and ordering a cup of coffee and a cup of detergent :chuckle:

I imagine that a place like this has menus too! Menu A is simple and maybe 1 coffee+2 detergents, but Menu F is for someone who plans on spending a lot of time here 2 coffees+3 detergents+3 fabric softener+1 plate of food :lol:

It sounds fun, right??

Lot tour


I couldn’t resist putting a bubble machine out front :heartpump:


This is the division between this lot and the lot next to it (The Daily Cup) :)

I like how seamless it is!


Building on  slope wasn’t easy, but it worked out in the end!


I thought that SimSonia would be perfect for this place!


The inside is decorated with café tables among the washing machines.

LaundryCafe7 LaundryCafe8


This door leads to the back area where there are more bubbles :yahoo:

But first, a couple of pictures of the upstairs:


More laundry options, but a bit more loung-y atmosphere… and well, restrooms :pardon:


Back yard



Here, there are clothes lines and loungers for those sims who want to take a nap while their clothes dry :chuckle:


Sims are welcome to bring their own food and enjoy it outside :)


In the back, you can see a bit of the School!

LaundryCafe15 LaundryCafe16

This is actually a picture of the adjoining lot :chuckle:

But it’s the view from the back of the Laundry Café.

15 comments on “Laundry Cafe
  1. Sandy says:

    :grouphug2: FINALLY!!! Oh, you can’t guess how curious I was about that Laundry-café! (I even had a chat about it with Dom, wondering if it could exist for real in France, or if we had laws that would prevent to sell a coffee and detergent at the same place! :chuckle: )
    Soooooo, here’s your Laundry Café!!! Awww, I was already swooning all over the place at the outside view of the building! How cute is that! And with BUBBLES!!! Aww,that’s genius. You know I might borrow you this idea. My town lacks of bubbles! ;)
    I love the inside too (you bet: BRICKS! :chugga: ), how you placed tables among the washing machines. Awww, that’s too cute, that’s too cute, that’s too cute. You have the best ideas, my love! :sigh: Sonia!

    • Sara says:

      Sonia is a lucky sim, right?? Surrounded by bubbles! Huhh, a law to prevent detergent and coffee together? :shock: This kind of place exists in Copenhagen, I think, and for sure in the US.

      You should definitely put lots of bubbles in Sandy Valley!!!

      • Sonia says:

        I am a lucky sim indeed, I love bubbles! And the smell of clean clothes! And coffee! And mis-matched furniture!!! :confetti2: I would love a place like this in real life! The laundromat near Boyfriend’s house just has a soda machine and that’s it. :( There is a cafe down the street though which is lovely, so combining them would be peeerfeeect! I would totally work here! :heart:

        • Sara says:


          BOOOO for the lonely soda machine at your laundromat!! There should be COFFEE!!! :lol:

          I am so happy you approve of your simself’s job, Sonia :kiss:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Sonia is SO lucky and so PERFECT for this place! I’m totally in love with every little detail of this place! First of all, the idea is BRILLIANT! You have to wait for your clothes to wash anyway, why not have a coffee (or a meal) while you wait! And oh dear, the foundations as containers for plants work AMAZINGLY here! Wow…

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhh, I’m learning so much from visiting SSB! Thank you again! You might get many and more WCIFs from me :giggle:

  4. MissyHissy says:

    What a wonderful idea! ( :toofunny: 1 coffee + 1 detergent!) It’s such a logical idea though! :heart:
    I love the landscaping on this lot too, it’s very diverse :sigh:

    • Sara says:

      :kiss: You are so sweet, Missy! And yeah, it IS a logical idea, right?! :lol:

      • MissyHissy says:

        Well, drinking coffee while waiting for your laundry. But it might be better if you didn’t mix that up though. I’m not sure the hospital would be tolerant of too many people drinking detergent while they wait for their coffee :toofunny:

  5. Lea says:

    I love this place soooo much!And :chuckle: at Missy!
    Well,I have some wcifs if you don’t mind?First,the cups,dishes,etc.!I know they’re from TSR,I saw them,but stupid as I am I didn’t download them!! :roll:
    Second,this awesome front door!I have much too less Windows and doors in my game!! :nod:
    BUBBLES!! :bubbles:
    Thank you Sara,for giving Inspiration for my buildings. :heartpump: :giveheart:

    • Sara says:

      Check out DOT at TSR – I think that’s the artist who made all the cups :) (s)he has tons of little accessories and some really great lamps too ;)
      Hmm, the front door. I’m pretty sure it’s mutske, also at TSR.

      Thank you, sweetie! I’m so happy to give you inspiration – that’s what’s great about sharing :friends: (Now, don’t forget to send me pictures of what you do, right?)

  6. Lea says:

    Okaaay!! ;) Thanks,I’ll check that out right now! :waiting: Yess,the cups are from DOT,indeed!Found the door,too! :joy:

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