Pet + Book Stores


Lot tour: Pet Store



It is owned and run by Logan Miller.

(made by kurisusims, downloaded here)


There’s lots of pets in the store waiting to be adopted by the town’s simmies!





Here’s the dog area.


And the cat area.

In the back, there’s a “grooming area” where that funny grooming thingy from the debug-menu is. :chuckle:

An idea I completely stole from Jenba! :kiss:


And this area is dedicated to horses and reptiles :chuckle: Funny combo! Logan agrees :thumbs:

Lot tour: Book Store


Again, I was very inspired by something Jenba made!

(See it here on The Sims Daily! SimSara is so lucky and happy to work there – so much that she can’t leave the place to take a wee!!)


Who’s that? :hmm.


It’s SimJen!! :wave:



By the window, there’s a little tea/coffee corner where sims can relax and maybe take a sneak peek in that book they just bought!


9 comments on “Pet + Book Stores
  1. Sandy says:

    OMG, such a GREAT lot! An adorable pet shop, and this bookstore!!!!! Once again, you might have been inspired by Jen, you ended up by doing your very own! I love how it’s cozy! Candies, coffee and books. OMG. That’s a dream. Add Sim-Jen :friends: to this, and it’s my definition of Paradise! :heart:
    You see that little table near the window? It’s MINE, I book it!!! :ninja:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    OHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m blown away by this place! Wow Sara, you’re so extremely talented at “setting the mood”. :heartpump: :heartpump: Both the Pet Store and the Book Store look like places I could just simply spend all day at. Can I join you quietly at that table Sandy?

  3. MissyHissy says:

    MORE gorgeous lots :heart: It’s amazing your Sims haven’t fainted under the beauty of this town :sigh:
    Like Kim said, you have a knack for setting the mood on your community lots, Sara :heartpump:

  4. Martina Carobbio says:

    It’snperfect! Where can I download it? :heartpump: Thanks

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