Rudin/Robinson Home


Who lives here?



Mike and Alice bought this old townhouse, and have been fixing it – Mike was the muscle, Alice the architect.

Alice is in fact an architect, and she’s also eco-friendly – something she always tries to incorporate in her designs and decor.

Living + dining room

On the ground floor, they tore down most of the interior walls, but kept the original bathroom and kitchen.

The front door opens to a large and simple living space, with a dining nook and a ‘dog corner’ :nod:

Instead of walls or room dividers, Alice chose to make a herb garden (because you know you can totally do that when you’re a sim!)

Alice also prefers clean lines, so the home is very minimalistic. No clutter!


RudinRobinsonHome2 RudinRobinsonHome3

The eco-friendly room divider :chuckle:


The ‘dog corner’


Dining nook



Alice kept the original door framing, but removed the doors.



Downstairs bathroom

They both found the duo-showers funny, so they kept them (even though they’re probably not very eco-friendly)



On the first floor, they also removed all interior walls, but kept the bathroom.

The room functions as Alice’s workplace and their bedroom. Alice found some cool old windows, which together with green bushes (which are currently hibernating, because it’s Winter :facepalm: ) functions as a room divider.

Upstairs landing


Upstairs bathroom


Alice’s work area



Another green room divider



Mike made the upstairs bathroom slightly smaller, so he could build this walk-in closet.

Alice found the old industrial sliding door, which fit there perfectly!




Exterior & back garden



By request of the lovely Batsheba, you can download the house here.

12 comments on “Rudin/Robinson Home
  1. Sandy says:

    :toofunny: @ your “under construction” picture!
    :heat: Pfeew, for a while, I had thought you had already posted full tours of everything in your town! I’m relieved it’s not the case (because I still haven’t, and my blog is 2 years old, mind you! :nah: ;) )

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Hahaha, I’m totally in agreement with Sandy! I also thought “Oh My, Sara has everything finished and I’m nowhere CLOSE t that!”

    That Under Construction picture is indeed too cute! :heartpump:

  3. Batsheba says:


    I wants this…. it’s fabulous! Where did you get the shower, if I may ask :flirty:

    • Sara says:

      :giverose: You are too kind! The shower is by cyclonesue: “Basic Cloakroom Shower (single)” :thankyou:
      I can put the lot up for download for you, if you want? Although I think I used tons of CC!

  4. Batsheba says:

    I’d love that :joy: and I’m no stranger to CC :chuckle: bring it on :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      Sorry about the late reply! I have added a download at the bottom of the page for you, my dear :giveheart:

      I hope it works – I added both a .package and .Sim3Pack. I don’t know if either of those carries the CC with them? :dunno:
      It’s not the final version of the house, but almost. I think the only thing that’s missing are the windows in the kitchen :)

  5. Fleurdeprairie says:

    Oh Sara,Sara,Sara. I love their home,even though it is minimalist,it is still very inviting and looks so hmm ‘fresh’and light. I love the reading corner next to the stairs and i love that dog corner. I also like the natural divider :P it is great to have,for both convenience for the home’s cook and the dog..because it can pee in it :P haha. :kiss2:

  6. Lilidebergerac says:

    Ok, so awesome! I noticed at least three great ideas here! The green dividers, love them. The little fence framing the double shower (also great idea!), the platform and the windows to divide the bedroom, the walk-in closet… Basically this whole house is an amazing idea!

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Thank you, sweetie! I love the idea of the green dividers, but as Fleurdeprairie pointed out above, their dog might pee in it!!!! :shock: And when I think about it, my own dog IRL would probably do that too :lol: Maybe green dividers are best for pet-free homes? :giggle:

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