Lemon-Lite Bistro


This bistro resides in one of the oldest buildings in Bimlico.

The best buds, Lemon and Dee, decided to restore the place and open a bistro!

Lot Tour


The Wang-Lewis Family spend a lovely afternoon here!

While Lisa and Remy were being goofy outside, Mike was starving and went right for the register!

:wave: Hi Lemon!


The Lemon-Lite is family-friendly with lots of tables!




On this day, there weren’t that many customers :lol:


Remy soon joined her parents for some dinner.


… While outside, the sun had suddenly disappeared, and it had started hailing!!


Remy was not impressed!


Upstairs, there’s a play area for those kids who can’t sit still for the duration of a whole dinner.



There’s also additional seating for a larger party.


Remy soon cheered up :giggle:


And while Remy was busy playing upstairs, Lisa and Mike made the most of Dee’s impressing bartender skills!


After mixing a couple of drinks that were borderline fire-hazards, Lemon gave Dee a look…


And Dee sat down with a hot cup of chocolate :toast:

14 comments on “Lemon-Lite Bistro
  1. Sandy says:

    Aww, Dee is the best bartender ever! :grouphug2: (but huh, you know it’s not prudent, huh? ;))
    Sam is all cute! Awww!!! :tearyeyes: That Lemon-Lite Bistro is sure a special place to hang out! :sigh:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Awww, what a great lot! Of course Mike had to check out a bistro and try the food! ;)
    I LOVE those shelfs with the hanging cups! WCIF?! :flirty:
    What a brilliant idea to have a play area for kids, that’s typical Sara genius! :heart:

    Wooooo, Dee, check you out, being a master bartender! :clap:

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Thank you my darling!
    And the blinds are in our shared folder, under Sara. ;)

  4. Kate says:

    I said it once, under your story, but I’ll say it again: I vlove that supposed-to-be-old buildings! And this is absolutely splendid! :cheeky: Oh, and that cute area for kids… :grouphug2:

    • Sara says:

      Aaaw, thank you, Kate! I like to think that Bimlico is an old town, but it’s always a little strange to build something and then say “Okay, you have been here since the dawn of Sims 1 :lol:

  5. Laurabcn says:

    The bistro looks so great! :heart: There seem to be so many things going in this lot! The family visit was lovely. :sigh:

  6. missyhissy says:

    What a perfect name! This place looks lovely! You can be sure Missy’ll check out the bar! ;) (Again) :blush:

    • Sara says:

      SimMissy definitely has her own private spot at the bar ;) Good thing SimLemon is there to tell you when it’s time for a coffee :P

  7. Dee says:

    Oh whew! I thought I was hitting the booze again but I was actually mixing drinks for other people! How very novel! :chuckle:

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