Police Station


On the corner of this lot, you’ll find Bimlico’s police station.

It’s a pretty old and dark building, and might not present you with the most interesting tour :lol:

Lot tour


When you enter, there’s a waiting area :)




Here’s the work area for the sims in the Law Enforcement career.

(Jenna Parker, Jack Hayes, Gabriel Jones, Mike Rudin – whose house you can see through the window in the next picture)

Lots of coffee :thumbs:






Upstairs there are a few cells for the misbehaving sims :lol:


21 comments on “Police Station
  1. Sandy says:

    Aww, I love how it looks under construction and not completely finished!!! It’s so… rock n’ roll! :chugga:
    I like also the two-floors thingy! :thumbs:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    The grungy police station! Nailed the look, Sara-love! I love how it’s a bit “gloomy”. Just like a police station ought to be, I feel!

  3. Kate says:

    YEAH! for grungy police station! :chugga:
    :spit: Ice cream truck thieves, huh? :rofl:
    Reading your comments is a great part of fun here! :lol:

  4. Laurabcn says:

    I was so waiting to see your police station before building mine! You have the best ideas, the grunge touches and clutter in the work area look so good here. :heart: And you actually used that WA (I think) windows, the ones I can never find a place where they look good!

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Laura, and YES! I love those windows, but there are indeed a little tricky to use! :hi5: But they look nice with the cyclonesue arches :thumbs:

  5. missyhissy says:

    It wasn’t me officer! I was NOT drunk and disorderly…well, they must have looked like me…WILL YOU STOP SMELLING MY BREATH?!?!
    I love it! It definitely has that “Please, renovate me” look! :yahoo:

  6. Lea says:

    Hey officer,what’s up?You won’t get me in those adorable Police Station,right?? :flirty:
    From where the heck are those big arches?I love them!!I NEED them!!I WANT them!!! :heart:

  7. Lea says:

    Hmm,interesting! :P
    Thank you,but could give me a link to it,I’m not a memeber at TSR,so I can’t search for objects.. :facepalm:

  8. Berryique says:

    Hi i was wondering if this lost is up for download

    • Sara says:

      Hi Berryique. No, I’m afraid it isn’t. It’s quite a big lot with a lot of CC (it’s a lot more than the police station), so it wouldn’t be easy to share. You are more than welcome to copy it!!

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