Wang/Lewis Home


Who lives here?


House Tour

This home was totally inspired by this ideabook I saw on

I really loved this warehouse conversion, and thought it was fitting perfectly to Lisa’s style!

Living room

I imagine that Lisa is very minimalistic in her style, so I tried to make the home accordingly.

I’m not sure if I really succeeded – I just can’t help adding some clutter here and there! :giggle:

WangLewisHome1 WangLewisHome2 WangLewisHome3


What an important part of the home for Top Chef Mike!


The family is so proud of Mike winning this title and being featured on the cover of a culinary magazine (Sandy, I love you!),

so of course they put the picture up on the wall


Laundry room

Behind the “black&white forest” there’s a laundry room and entrance to the garage.

Mike also stores his wine there :)


Tiny bathroom

Last room on the main floor is a small bathroom under the stairs.

WangLewisHome7 WangLewisHome8

Second floor

Lisa’s work space

Lisa is a designer,and she has this big space to work in and meet clients or have fittings.



Master bathroom

Upstairs, you find a larger bathroom with a tub for Remy.

(I think she put the mermaid there :giggle: )

WangLewisHome11 WangLewisHome12

Remy’s room

Remy is a stubborn girl who always gets what she wants. So, it’s no surprise that her bedroom is completely luxurious!


Her favourite colour is red – can you tell? :lol:


Her bedroom even has a corner for her cat, Noir, that she got for her 7th birthday.

(I’m pretty sure Lisa chose the name!)

Master bedroom

Lisa allowed a little bit of colour in the bedroom. Mike really likes blue, and that colour suited a bedroom very well, Lisa thought.


There’s sort of a “walk-in” closet behind the bed… Well, maybe it’s more like a “walk-behind” closet then :chuckle:

WangLewisHome16 WangLewisHome17

That’s it for the Wang/Lewis home! There’s no garden, and thank goodness for that!!

Lisa is NOT interested in getting dirt under her nails, nor her heels!

9 comments on “Wang/Lewis Home
  1. Sandy says:

    I so love your style. Geez, this one is different from your “happy mess”, more modern, but it has still that Sara’s touch I love. :heartpump:
    It’s modern, artsy, and so lived-in! ( :wave: Mike! Awww, I’m happy he’s proud of his cover! :tearyeyes: I love you, you know? :friends: )
    The living-room is a-ma-zing! :sigh:
    (also, you have the most beautiful collection of patterns I know! ;))

    • Sara says:

      :blush: Thank you so much, Sandy! I think I copied that living room from the ideabook on Houzz, but I tried to put my own touch on it :) That poster of Mike is the pride of my game, I tell you! I put that up everywhere!!

      My pattern collection actually isn’t very big! But I do have practically all of Zhaana’s from TSR!

      I love you too my sweet!!!! :kiss:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh, wow… I’m stunned everytime I see a Bimlico interior… You’re so talented, my darling! I agree with you on Zhaana’s patterns! I LOVE those!

    Oh, Mike is famous in Honeycomb Valley too! Charlotte would love to meet him and exchange ideas!

  3. MissyHissy says:

    You even do modern well! :heartpump: Is there ANYTHING you can’t do? :giggle:

    • Sara says:

      :lol: Wow, thank you, Missy!! It was extremely difficult for me to decorate this home in a modern and minimalistic style so I took a lot of inspiration from that ideabook on Houzz. I just want to add stuff everywhere (hence the row of cluttered shelves :rofl: )!!

  4. Lea says:

    Wow,you did very well with it!! :clap:
    I love that “Black&White forest”!!! :heartpump: :sigh:
    I ove to add clutter everywhere like candles,books,…pillows are my ABSOLUTELY favourite clutter!!
    Going for some shopping at Lisa’s shop now. :girldance:

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