Cute as a Button


This is Bimlico’s Tattoo Studio, which is run by Benjamin Button, made by Tito!

The studio is right above Tito’s Café!


Benjamin is a great artist! While I decorated the place for him, he decorated the walls with his art :)


Benjamin’s first customer! (Although Mike L looks pretty nervous…. maybe it’s all the pink :chuckle: )


There’s a bar and lounge area, and behind the curtains is the tattoo chair.




4 comments on “Cute as a Button
  1. Lea says:

    All pink! :cheesy: Though it’s a it too much pink for me in real life :chuckle:
    I love how you combinated the Patterns. :D

  2. Jen says:

    I love the pink and the tacky patterns! :D Also love the little eclectic touches like the twinkly light columns, the artsy pillows, and hanging beads! Very inspiring! :)

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