Dance + Yoga Studio


Just across from Tito’s CafĂ©, you’ll find this building, which contains a Dance Studio (on the ground floor) and a Yago Studio (on the first floor)


If you walk all the way through the arch there, you end up at the Wine Bar :nod:


The Dance Studio



The Yoga Studio


4 comments on “Dance + Yoga Studio
  1. Lea says:

    Super lovely and calm :sigh: :kiss2:

  2. Jen says:

    Like Lea said, it’s such a lovely, calming space! I would totally do yoga there! :sigh: And holy cow, your streetviews are so gorgeous!!

  3. Sara says:

    :blush: You are too kind, Jen! (So far, sims have only come there to look at themselves in the mirrors :giggle: )

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