Wine Bar


:toast: The title says it all!

After my friend Kate showed pictures of her Wine Bar (where a couple of my sims are so lucky to work!!),

I realised Bimlico was really missing a place like that!


It’s owned by a young couple who are very interested in wine :)


As you can see in the above two pictures,Wine of the Month, displayed on the barrel, is from Sandy Valley!

I think it’s made by the Montvillain :giggle:


There’s a nice and romantic view of the sea from the bar’s big windows :heart:


But of course it’s not just a wine bar! There’s an outdoor cinema on the roof!

But teens can’t go here to see the latest Llama-rama installment (or whatever young simteens watch these days)!

Nope, this place is only for the culture-hungry sims, so of course, only foreign films are shown here.


I think this is where Prof. Charles and Mia will want to go in their weekends, maybe with their old neighbours,Fred and Maya?

And they’ll probably run into William and Andrew there too :chuckle:

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  1. Lea says:

    This is so romantic!Awww! :heartpump:

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