Woods/Adams Home


Who lives here?




Alicia and Ron live in this old apartment with their daughter Blake.

They rented it, because it was cheap, and had room enough for their instruments.

Sure, it didn’t have a room for Blake to have her own bedroom, but the futon in the living room is fine.

Here’s a shot of the street where it’s located. Maria Hayes lives in the building to the left

(this picture was taken when her new neighbour moved in, I suppose :chuckle: )

The big brown building has more apartments, but only NPCs live there for now.


Ground floor

The ground floor is one big room with the kitchen and bathroom in the back.

WoodsAdamsHome2 WoodsAdamsHome3

The TV corner mostly belongs to Blake. It’s where she sleeps, keeps her clothes, plays and does her homework.


The kitchen is in the back and was surprisingly clean when the pictures were taken :chuckle:



The stairs lead to the ‘landing’ upstairs, where Alicia and Ron have their bedroom.








The upstairs is actually pretty big, and could have easily included a room for Blake, but that thought didn’t even occur to Alicia and Ron.

The upstairs is for adults only! Alicia doesn’t want Blake using her make-up.



4 comments on “Woods/Adams Home
  1. Fleurdeprairie says:

    I love how each house reflects its occupants. I am sad for little Blake <3 her parents need to get their priorities right! she needs a proper bedroom :P

  2. Lilidebergerac says:

    I’m so sorry for Blake… :( In your game, does she only naps on the sofa? She can’t sleep in a real bed? Poor thing…

    But the house is great. Reflects perfectly the inhabitant’s personnality!

    • Sara says:

      Ohh, yes, poor Blake :( Actually, I haven’t played a full day with this family, because I would feel so sad for Blake if she was forced to only nap on the couch. I suppose she does sleep in her parents’ bed when they’re not using it, though ;)

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Lili, I really appreciate them :hugs:

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