Stanton Home


Who lives here?


Olivia can’t wait to start her perfect life with her perfect man :heart: in their perfect house!

(It’s LemonJelly’s Blackberry Cottage!)

… If only her ex hadn’t moved into the houseĀ just next door!!


There’s no tour of the inside yet, but check out the gardens!


Back garden


4 comments on “Stanton Home
  1. MissyHissy says:

    Oh, look at that conservatory place! That looks so lovely! (What roofing are you using for that? :flirty: I know I’ve seen it somewhere! :giggle: )

  2. Sandy says:

    Such a cute little house again!!! :heart:
    Have you already tried the gazebo? I had to tweak the Luna’s roof I was using at the de Clairtonnerre’s, because they couldn’t use the table because of the roof! :dunno: I think, at least, because tweaking the roof solved the problem, but I don’t understand why they were bothered by the roof while they’re not by a OMSP in the middle of the table… :thinking: Oh well… :roll:
    Off to meet that famous Olivia! ;)

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