Fox/Marlin Home


Who lives here?



Maya and Fred are so happy about their home on the beach!

The views are stunning – perfect for artistic inspiration!




Fred is an artist and Maya is a writer, so they are very happy with this bright workspace







:giggle: I love the watchdog Pongo!

Kitchen + dining



Living room

FoxMarlinHome10 FoxMarlinHome11

Someone was hiding behind the sofa….. Portia!


Porter’s room

Porter loves living on the beach, and is so proud of his ocean-themed bedroom.



:facepalm: I only just realised that I forgot to take pictures of the large bathroom by the entrance…

So here’s pictures of the tiny one between the children’s bedrooms!


Portia’s room

Portia is still so young, so her bedroom is not so decorated yet. We will see who she grows up to be, and then I ‘ll decorate her room to suit her personality


Parents’ bedroom


6 comments on “Fox/Marlin Home
  1. Lea says:

    A very lovely house! :heart:
    :hi5: for the dining chairs! :headbang: (heh,I kinda like this smiley!)
    From where is this shower in the bathroom?I already saw it in Lucia and Sophie’s house! :D

  2. Batsheba says:

    I love your decorating style sweetie! The atelier is gorgeous, who wouldn’t want a work place like that!

  3. Sandy says:

    :clap: FANTABULOUS!!! OMG, that atelier… :faint: It’s… breathtaking!!! So luminous! I love Maya’s nook to write!! :heart: Awww, yes, yes, I want to live there!!
    (it’s true it looks like a bit like your home!!!! :clap: )
    AWWWW, Pongo made me squeed out loud!! :grouphug2: Sweet little dog!!! :heart: Huh, I mean: “fierce watchdog”, of course! :giggle:
    And look at that, matching chairs aroud the table! ;) Their dining-room looks great, all design and modern! :girldance:
    Awww, little Portia hiding there! Hello, sweet heart!!!! :kiss: It’s cute how she’s *behind* the TV! Good girl!
    That’s such a lovely house, Sara love! So perfectly fitting with Maya and Fred! (I guess Fred isn’t very fan of your “happy mess” style, and that he tidies everything after you! ;))

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Sandy darling!! :kiss: I wouldn’t mind living in the atelier either!
      Maybe when he grows up to be a big dog, Pongo will be more like a “fierce watchdog” :giggle:
      :blush: I know, matching chairs, very unusual for me :thinking: But the “happy mess” is also gone, and YES, that is exactly Fred’s fault :lol: I have so much fun decorating with my sims’ characters in mind! (but I think there’s always something that’s very “Sara” there too :giggle: The sims can’t decide everything!!)

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