Price Home


Dylan doesn’t live here anymore, since he moved in with his girlfriend, Erica
He’s keeping the beach home, however, as the couple plans to build their dream home here one day when they can afford to.


Dylan bought this small home right by the beach for a steal! It was basically just a large shed, but Dylan spent some time renovating here and there. It still needs some improvements here and there, but for now, it’s perfect for him! He loves the view of the beach, and that he can go boating and fishing whenever he wants.

Even though it’s very lovely to live right by the beach, I chose to take these pictures during early Spring, at night, and during the rain :facepalm: :chuckle:


Kitchen / dining / bedroom


Dylan has a parrot called Nemo :wave:

PriceHome3 PriceHome4

Although the house has some pretty funky wallpaper, Dylan doesn’t mind. He doesn’t even notice it.

PriceHome5 PriceHome6

Sunroom / living room




6 comments on “Price Home
  1. Batsheba says:

    What a perfect beach house! Love the big round window and the use of the parrot and the plants as a room divider.

  2. Laurabcn says:


    I’m sooooo jealous right now! :chuckle: Why can’t I decorate like that?! :pardon:

    It’s a really cosy home, you always make them feel so lived in. :sigh: :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Laura, my dear! How are you?
      Thank you, sweetie! Although…. I don’t think I did so much decorating here :chuckle: I usually clutter the houses much more! But I don’t think Dylan is that much into “stuff”, so his place is bare :lol: I did have fun with the funky wallpaper though :chugga:

      • Laurabcn says:

        Oh, I’m fine! You just know I’m terrible at keeping up with stuff. :blush: And commenting as well. I read every new update yesterday but only posted here. :pardon: School keeps me very busy too but I’m hoping summer holidays will come soon! ;)

        Your not doing any decorating is a thousand times more decorating than my doing a lot of decorating. :D (I think if we both think really hard that that sentence has any meaning, it’ll have it! :nod: )

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