The Canals/University


This area of Bimlico consists of two “parts”:

The Canals, with residential and community lots,

University, with the university buildings and other related buildings.

CanalsSmCanal Area:UniversitySm

5 comments on “The Canals/University
  1. missyhissy says:

    I love what you’ve done with the end there! It looks beautiful! :heartpump: So peaceful :sigh:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Missy! I wanted a place where sims could go and enjoy the view of the canals, so I came up with this small and simple park. I’m still not 100% happy with the water, because – as far as I know – you can’t make fountain/pools on slopes :( So I just put flooring there and made it match the water as best as I could :giggle:

  2. Jen says:

    As I said on your food stands page, I am so in love with your university! I don’t mind saying it again. :lol: I love the top picture here with the buildings (and those very cool roof pieces…are those Mutske’s?) and the little gated courtyard. It just looks so peaceful and ageless…I can imagine Sims going to school there a hundred or two hundred years ago! And the start of the canal is just beautiful…what a wonderful place to sit and relax. :sigh:

  3. Lea says:

    Soo awesome! :friends:
    I love the canal.I’m in awe with water in all kinds. :giggle:

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