Around the Canals


Hugely inspired by Sandy :heartpump:

Take a tour Around the Canals….



At the end of the canal, there’s a little park where sims can have picnics and enjoy the view:



A view down the street from the top of the park:


And the view from the opposite side of the canals:


Two residential lots, both “duplexes”.

Tour one of them here!


Further down the canals, there’s an apartment building (built by Phyre), and next to it, the Radio Station + Mini-Market!


At the very end of the canal, you’ll find the Book Barge.

(in the background there, you can see the University Foodstands)



4 comments on “Around the Canals
  1. Sandy says:

    Your canal is so, so lovely, my sweet! :sigh:
    It’s definitively the place where I’d love to live in Bimlico, with the Book Barge just near. :heart: awww, life would be so lovely there! :sigh:
    ( :wave: Silas!!)

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Sandy dear :giverose: You are THE source of inspiration (so I named this page after you ;)), so I am very happy that you like it!!
      (Nice spotted with Silas :giggle: )

  2. Lea says:

    It looks so homey!I can nearly feel the warm summer air and the water on my Skin when I drop a Stone in it. :sigh: I’m soooo poetic tonight! :angel:

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