Radio Station + Mini-Market


On this tiny little lot you’ll find a small Radio Station (with a bar area for students and other sims to hang out), and a mini market:

Radio Station



Sims can sit both outside and inside and listen to the radio shows





The radio station room is very small, but still has room for live recordings of guest artists, and a little sitting area for interviews.


Mini Market

The mini market holds all the things students need!





6 comments on “Radio Station + Mini-Market
  1. Lea says:

    I would give all to live in your town! :heartpump:
    That’s so very awesome!I don’t have CAW so it’s nearly impossible to have a canal district. :(
    :toofunny: at all the alcohol! :toast:

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: Well, it is a shop for the university students!

      You can place lots with edit town and make canals anywhere in your town that way! I have seen other simmers create fantastic canals that way! :clap:

  2. Lea says:

    I know!But I can’t place streets to have a canal district!That’s what I want! :D

  3. Sandy says:

    Awww, that’s too cute!! I love the mismatching furniture! It always makes a place so cozy and cute (and also so Sara-like! ;)). That’s the coziest radio station ever! I love that you have the LP box for the radio broadcast! :heart:
    That’s such a lovely idea to have a bar here :cork: (I won’t count all the bottles again… :p); it must make the radio shows so much live (above all if you get a fight! :giggle: ). I don’t know if it exists in Denmark, but your town always makes me find RL towns boring! I mean: I want a coffee/laundry! I want a radio/bar!! I want a book barge! (OK, that one exitst!)
    Anyway, me thinks you have the best ideas. :nod:

    • Sandy says:

      WAAAAAAAAIT!!! :scared: I clicked on “Post Comment” before commenting the Mini-Market!!! :facepalm:
      There’s a lot of “awwwwww” and “oooooooh” implied in that Mini-Market! It shows that it’s mostly made for your students: crisps and booze! :rofl:
      It’s all cute and so tiny!!! Awww, I have such a weak spot for tiny spaces!! :heart: I’m happy that we don’t have all these routing problems with Sims 3. Tiny makes it cozy, just like mismatching! :nod:
      You’re amazing, sweet sister! :kiss:

      • Sara says:

        :grouphug2: You are so sweet, Sandy!!
        Haha, yes, the mini-market sure knows its customers!! :giggle:
        Thank you, my dear! I always want to combine several functions in the same building, so I thought “why not have a bar where students can hang out while listening to the radio show?”

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