University Books + more




On this community lot, Sims find many different things to do!

The main thing is the University Book store.


But there’s also an old underground station here. The station was closed, but the underground now hosts Brunton’s Boxcar Diner!


Sims can enjoy their meal outside.



Another building houses a small piano café and bar.



There’s also the (tacky) Cow Hostel :chuckle:


2 comments on “University Books + more
  1. Batsheba says:

    Busy lot indeed! The piano café looks cozy and filled with atmosphere and I would love to see what the hostel hides inside :nod:
    And the diner, can you go down as well?

    • Sara says:

      Thanks! It seems like a busy lot, but it’s all cheating :lol: The hostel is empty (except for the cow-printed curtains :chuckle: ), and the bookstore is of course a huge rabbit hole. In the basement, I placed the rabbithole Brunton’s Boxcar Diner, so Sims will go underground, order food, and eat it outside at the tables I put there :thumbs: Last time I played, I had two teens test out the place for their date :cheesy:

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