Cafe Yum


Café Yum is an all-organic café (of course inspired by Sandy’s fantastic eco-café set).

:facepalm: I forgot pictures of the little rooftop area where there’s a few tables and chairs – and plants!






From the back porch, sims have a nice view of the canal.




14 comments on “Cafe Yum
  1. missyhissy says:

    Ahh, you’re making me feel hungry! :D What a lovely cafe, with a wonderful view :sigh:

  2. Laurabcn says:

    How can you resist, with a cafe that has yum in it’s name? :D I love it, the color combination you chose gives it a cozy atmosphere. :heart:

    • Sara says:

      Hehe, I am so bad with coming up with names for… stuff… But I imagine this place to be very “yummy”, so why not “yum”? :chuckle:

      • Laurabcn says:

        Oh, I’m so bad at coming up with names for ANYTHING. Or anyone for that matter. I’m always worried I’ll repeat a sim’s name or surname. And for community lots, I don’t even try. Right now it’s not a problem because I haven’t shown any in my blog or anything, but when (if ever! :chuckle: ) I start to do so, it may end up being weird… Like, having links to “The restaurant”, “the restaurant that it’s more cheap-looking” and “another restaurant but more fancy”. :pardon:

        • Sara says:

          Oh man, I am the same! I love it when other simmers name their places, but with me, it’s just “the bakery” – “the beer garden” :chuckle: For sims’ names, I have a little document where I write down names that I think are cool, or names that I think “hey, that is totally what that sim would name his/her son/daughter!!” Totally :nerd: For surnames (which are much more difficult!!), I used to just grab a DVD and read the names of the people involved. Hence, the Rudin family!! :toofunny:

  3. Sandy says:

    Ooooooh, it has changed since the first pictures you posted on Tumblr, hasn’t it? It still looks super “wired”, you know, like THE place you have to be, when you’re young or “alternative” (well, here we go, I have a sneezing attack, and then I comment with half of my brain. :p )
    The colors are so funky, original and modern. :girldance:
    Add me to the one who can’t find any decent names to anything. But I name them in french, so it sounds at least exotic to every non-french locutors. :chuckle:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: I do think it has changed a little :hmm: Well, the interior is completed! :chuckle: I love your half of the brain (what?), and I totally understand what you mean! I see this place also as kind of “hip” where the cool and alternative sims hang out (and quite possibly pays a little too much for the organic coffees, teas and brownies :giggle: )!

      :toofunny: I have no idea what the name sof your places mean, Sandy, but yes, because it’s French, it sounds so cool and exotic :chuckle: maybe I should start giving my places Danish names…. No wait, they would sound super lame! Café Yum would be something like “økohuset” :facepalm:

      • Sandy says:

        “økohuset”? It doesn’t sound lame at all!! Well, I would never remember the name and couldn’t write it down without a copy-paste, but I guess you feel the same about my french names! :chuckle:


  4. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhhhh, I can have some tea here? It’s a very “hip and happening” place! At least it seems that way to me. :D LOVE the colour scheme!

    • Sara says:

      Yes, you may have all the tea you want here :nod: :cheers: (okay, wrong smiley…)

      I hope this place will be buzzin’ (well, just wait ’til I show you the hottie working the counter!) once the school year begins :chuckle: It took me a looooong time to decide on the colour scheme, so thank you so much!! :friends:

  5. Jen says:

    I love the color scheme, too! That pale aqua looks so bright and fresh against those dark, rustic woods! :heart: And OMG, is that Exotic Element’s little crate table, stacked up with the goodies on it?? :rubeyes: Does that thing STACK and I NEVER KNEW??? :facepalm: I agree with Sandy and Kimmie that this place looks super cool and hip, like THE place to be! Also love how you did those flowerboxes outside…that is brilliant! You always have so many ideas I want to steal… :ninja:

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