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The Young Canal of course needs a comic book shop!

I have to thank the lovely Tito for sharing with me her sim (make-over of Tiberius Willard from the University Life EP).

He gave me inspiration to build this place!

I originally showed this tour on tumblr, so the pictures are in a different size than usual :)

There’s a little story that goes with it :giggle:


At the Young Canal in Bimlico, across the canals, there’s an old house which in the past was used for pumps and electronics and other stuff that boats need :cheeky:


In this old building, Tiberius (or just Ti) opened up his very own comic book store with the help of one of his best friends, Adam.


Ti spent most of his simoleons on that huge neon sign, but it was so cool!! It really attracts the youngsters (who happen to go to school right across the canal).


Ti ran out of simoleons after he renovated the ground floor and the shop area, but that’s okay. He has a nice stock of comics and other bits and bobs!


He doesn’t let just any sim visit the second floor, because, well, it’s very bare. He does let the comic book club (EtienneSilas and Daria) use this place for their club meetings. Ti and Adam join them sometimes.


The Yeti holds a secret!! Only members of the club hold the keys to this secret door.


At the top of a secret ladder, a secret hiding place is hiding. (that was a silly sentence).


Spy on the other teens, play a game of cards, or just hang out and read your comics in peace. Daria will tell you that it’s also a great place to pretend you’re a Batman-like superhero that watches over his/her town from the rooftops.

4 comments on “Ti’s Comics
  1. Lea says:

    Grungy! :chugga:
    I love the “hiding secret place that is hiding” :blum: !

  2. Jen says:

    I really love this place! The rooftop hideout is my favorite. :)

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