* The most important thing to my style of gameplay is: MODS! I definitely don’t play the game the way EA intended it to be played :chuckle:

* I play with all my sims with the exception of NPCs and university students

* I don’t play in rotation, meaning that I just play whatever household I feel like – and for however long I feel like. Of course this means that some sims get more “play time” than others.

* I am a notoriously slow player, and I like to really get to know my simmies. I let them have their free will and love to see what they get up to. But if I have a plan or get an idea for something specific, I’ll also push them to go in that direction.

* I have no problem cheating in game! I don’t care about household funds at all: I’ll add and remove simoleans as I see fit :lol: The same goes for skill points, friendship/relationship levels, career advances, and so on.

Time, aging and seasons




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