* All children go to school here

* The school year starts mid-August and ends mid-June


* All teens go to school here

* The school year starts mid-August and ends mid-June

Canal Area:UniversitySm

* The school year starts in September and ends in July

* Running a university in your home town is tricky! I wish I could use the University EP, but a degree only lasts 7 days (what is UP with that?? :facepalm: ) and as far as I know, it’s not possible to change that.

Here’s my university system (ehh, basically just “thoughts”) so far:

* Studying at university is tuition free (like in Denmark)

* A Bachelor degree is three years. After this, the sim can choose to study a Master’s degree, which is two years.

* YA don’t have to go to university when they turn 19 – they can wait, if they want.

* Some careers demand that the sim has a university education (like the Education career)

* Sims without a degree can still work in some careers: For instance in the Business career, but only up until level 3, since beyond this level a degree is required.

* Studying one of the self-employed careers under Fine Arts doesn’t demand having a university degree. But sims who start the career after having finished a degree will advance much faster.

* Careers that demand no degree at all: Angler, Band, Criminal ( :chuckle: ), Firefighter, Gardener, Horseman, Inventor, Investigator, Nectar Maker, Stylist

4 comments on “Education
  1. Sandy says:

    Oooooh, you have already a nerd page!!!!!!! You’re too awesome for words! So, your longer studies are 5 years long (bachelor + master)? (I don’t know the english names for degrees, so I’m a bit lost! :pardon: Dooooh, you even have smileys… :cheesy:

    • Sara says:

      :nerd: You know me, I’m a total nerd, so of course I have the nerdy pages :lol: Yeah, the idea is that longer studies are 5 years – a Master/postgraduate degree. That’s how it is in Denmark (well, for those who stick to the schedule :blush: ), so I thought I’d translate that to the Sims :)

  2. Laurabcn says:

    I’m so enjoying this nerdy pages! (Though you maybe can see that from my excited way of ending every sentence with an exclamation mark :lol: ). Oh, dear! In Denmark kids start school in August?! I could cry if I had to go back to school that early! Mine starts mid-September and ends mid-June.

    I can’t wait to see you running that university! (So I can steal away your ideas. :ninja: How are you going to do the degrees? Will you be using custom part or full time careers or will you benefit from the Uni EP system in your home world?) The different kinds of studies are also so above me! I had only barely thought: “It will be 4 years for everything and 6 years for doctors”. :D I’m basic.

    • Sara says:

      I’m a real nerd with these things :lol: I am actually not 100% sure about how I will run University yet. I am building it right now, and I think I will try it out with the RabbitHole rugs and see if I can make that work (and if I like it!). So this page will definitely be updated in the future.

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