* NERD ALERT :nerd:

* In Sims 2, Pets was an EP that I uninstalled to make my game run better. And I didn’t miss it after I did that… In Sims 3, I love pets!

* Here’s my aging system for pets:

Dog – small breed Puppy 0 – 6 months
Adult 6 months – 9
Elder 10 –
Dog – large breed Puppy(small breed version of the breed) 0 – 1
Adult 2 – 9
Elder 10 –
Cat Kitten 0 – 3 months
Adult 3 months – 12
Elder 12 –
Horse Foal 0 – 2
Adult 3 – 17
Elder 18 –


8 comments on “Pets
  1. Carla says:

    You have a pet aging system! This is so nerdy and I LOVE it!

  2. Laurabcn says:

    I wished I’ve seen this when I was setting my pets aging system! Mine is so totally unrealistic, I think cats are kittens for three whole years! (Might have to copy this one instead, ahem, I totally mean make small changes). And the big/small breed is so true and something I should have thought of! See, I really knew I had to ask someone with pets about this!

  3. Alex (HFO) says:

    A pet aging system! I’ve seen everything now :P It does make sense to have one…I just conveniently forgot :chuckle:

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