Time, aging and seasons

* I play with aging off, and manually age my sims according to my life stages:


Life stage Age in years
Baby 0 – 6 months
Toddler 6 months – 5
Child 6 – 12
Teen 13 – 18
Young adult 19 – 39
– University 19 – 23
Adult 40 – 64
Elder 65 –


* I have a calendar where I keep track of each “sim-month”: Birthdays and town events and so on.

* Each month has its own zodiac, so this doesn’t work according to real life (My own birthday is in April and I’m Aries, but all sims born in April are Taurus.)

* Each month lasts as long as I want it to. Some months will have lots of birthdays to celebrate, or many events going on in town, so these might last for several sim-days. Other months might be boring (or I just can’t wait for what will happen in the next month), so they might only last a few sim-days!

* Pregnancy is a complicated thing that I haven’t figured out how to keep track of yet :lol: For now, I have a mod that makes the pregnancy last 30 days, so I’ll see how that works out.

* Toddlers, children and teens have their age-transitions at the end of the school year so they can start school with other sims their age. Some will still celebrate their birthday in their birth month, but the age transition will happen when they finish their last year of daycare/toddlerlife, school or high school.

* I change the Seasons manually

Month Season Zodiac
January Winter Aquarius
February Winter Pisces
March Spring Aries
April Spring Taurus
May Spring Gemini
June Summer Cancer
July Summer Leo
August Summer Virgo
September Fall Libra
October Fall Scorpio
November Fall Sagittarius
December Winter Capricorn
5 comments on “Time, aging and seasons
  1. Sandy says:

    Wait, you don’t have a :hi5: smiley? :cry: And how will we be able to notify that we so completely agree? ;)

  2. Laurabcn says:

    :lol: I was thinking that adding all the smilies must have been a pantload of work, but if it’s your boyfriend doing it, I won’t worry anymore. :P (Great job, btw!)

    Babies for two months! You lady are smart! Mine are babies for six whole months and it may just drive me insane. I’m hoping that those baby things from the store make it more bearable.

    You know, you’re so organized, with a zodiac for each month and all! I should have done that. Instead, when I made my office document with my sims ages, age stage, birth date, zodiac and whatnot, I chose between the two zodiacs thinking in what would suit one sim more. Which it’s probably false as I don’t much about zodiac anyways. My mom had some big fat books about it that I would steal to read when I was a child, but that was pretty much all my experience. With new babies that are born, though, I won’t make it as complicated. The zodiac they get, it’s the one they keep. :hmm: Where was that mod again that made them more-or-least realistic based on the season?

    • Sara says:

      The babies are so boring, right? I loved them in Sims 2 – you could bathe them in the sink, it was so adorable :sigh:

      Ohh yeah I saw that mod about the zodiacs, it’s actually a good idea to use that!

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