What held me back from playing the Sims 3 was how much I would miss all the sims that I had followed for so long in the Sims 2. I call them “my old friends” – and how could I start playing a new Sims game without them? I chose my favourite characters and remade them in the Sims 3, which means that all the sims living in Bimlico had a “previous life” in the Sims 2.

Some sims have “relatives” who didn’t get a Sims 3 “remake” :lol: I refer to these like so: (TS2) :chuckle:

So, of course, I could’ resist making some of them “visitors” who for special occasions (like weddings!) visit Bimlico.

You can read much more about that in their bios – and sometimes I even have old pictures from the Sims 2 to show you :)


Barton: Eli, Jane, Henry
Brown: Ray, Hannah


Day: Charles, Mia, Seth, Silas


Fox (1): Oscar, Madeleine, Lucas
Fox (2): Ava
Fox/Marlin: Maya, Fred, Porter, Portia


Greene: Anthony


Harrison: Evan, Malcolm, Miles, Marcie
Hayes/Fox: Samantha, Nate
Hayes (1): Joshua, Mary
Hayes (2): Amar, Melanie, Daria, Molly
Hayes (3): Jack, Tyla, Selma, Celia
Hayes (4): William, Andrew
Hayes (5): Maria
Mr. Holloway


Jones: Gabriel


Larsen: Kasper, Malene, Magnus, Gustav
Laurent: Marcel, Penny, Park, Moon
Livingston (1): Erica, Vincent
Livingston (2): Alan, Rachel
Livingston/Copur: Shannon, Naima


Mercer: Jacob, Sienna


Parker (1): Matthew, Jenna, Ofelia
Parker (2): Sophia, Lucia
Price: Dylan


James, Julia, Etienne, Camille, Justine, Billy
Reeves: Amy
Rudin (1): Lindsay, Joseph
Rudin (2): Nicholas
Rudin/Robinson: Mike, Alice
Robinson (1): Adam
Robinson (2): Seth, Chris
Rossi: Carmela


Stanton: Ryan, Olivia, Chase, Carl
St. James: Emily


Wang/Lewis: Lisa, Mike, Remy
Woods: Ben, Clara, Jasper, Jenny, Jonas
Woods/Adams: Alicia, Ron, Blake
Woods/Copur: Eric, Willa

NPCs – Dailies & Simselves



8 comments on “Simmies
  1. ani_ says:

    This looks amazing, I can’t wait to read about your sims :)

  2. Maria says:

    Sara, I love you :heart: More pictures to adore! :yahoo:

  3. Laurabcn says:

    So I figured I’d just comment here instead of spamming every single page of you’re sims bios with my usual “oohhh, lovely” and “so cute! :heart:”. You’ve been lucky. Besides, I think you’ll have to approve enough comments from me already. At least for a day. :chuckle:

    What, can I say, honey? I went through all your simmies, and now that I’ve meet them, I can’t wait to see them in action! They are lovely and look very real. :heartpump: And their houses! I was seriously drooling at them! :drool: And those old sims 2 pictures… Adorable! :kiss:

    I’m jealous of your game. Everything seems so neat, while mine is really messy. I think that anytime I see someone’s game though. :D

    (Really really off-topic, but you people that can keep alphabetical order lists are just my idols. It’s too hard to me!)

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: (I feel like I am starting each reply to you like this :hmm: )

      You are so cute, Laura! I’m sure your game isn’t messier than mine (which is totally messy!! I only show the pretty stuff here :chuckle: ). Here’s a bear to give you the strength to list your sims in alphabetical order :hugs: :P

  4. Lea says:

    I love your simmies! :heartpump:
    It’s really cool that they are many families related to other and they are related with other families,so the other family is also related with this Family,but when….

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Lea! :hugs: I like that the families are so big, but I’m also afraid to suddenly realise that a given sim is doomed to never finding a partner because he/she is related to everyone in town :toofunny:

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